Data for South Africa is rather sparse but through the files of the LDS, War Graves Commission in England and a current Johannesburg directory there is assembled a data bank of some 100 names that include parents, spouses, etc. A rather large settlement of D'Altons and Daltons exist in South Africa. Some who use the apostrophe in their name are believed to be descended from the Irish or French branches of Daltons, and others originated in England. Only two records are available for Zimbabwe at this time and are posted at the end of the South African data

Included in this file are births and marriages in Capetown and Natal; South African Service Casualties; and Johannesburg Directory Listings. To search this file, use the Edit/Find function of your browser.  It is the onus of the user to verify data. 

If you have accumulated Dalton data from South Africa we would be pleased to post it.  Contact for more information.

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission




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- Births and Marriages, LDS IGI Records
Christiaan Gerhardus Dalton, b. 27 Oct 1867; Parents Willem Hendrik Dalton and Magdalena Maria Hendrika Gerber. Film 6142825

Cape Town - Births and Marriages, LDS IGI Records
Jerrard Dalton, b. abt. 1816, Film 6142825
Mary Dalton, b. abt. 1823, mother Ann Wallace, Film 2034791
Gerald Jenkins Dalton, b. 4 Feb 1925; parents Don McCarroll Dalton and Geneva Jorgenson, Batch H002201

Jane Dalton and John Martin, m. 1 Sep 1834, Batch 1690233
Mary Dalton and Henry Kitchen, m. 11 Jan 1841, Batch 1690230
Jerrard Dalton and Gertruda Jacoba Barrish, m. 26 Jul 1841, Batch 1690230
Anne Dalton and Jonah William Brewer, m. 30 Sep 1844, Batch 1690232
Gertuida Jacoba Dalton and William Harvey, m. 20 Sep 1854, Batch 1690229
Bridget Dalton and William Rattham, m. 11 Sep 1860, Batch 1690239
Gertruida Jacoba Dalton and Jacob Nylander, m. 21 Mar 1864, Batch 1690240
Edward John Dalton and Isabella Brown, m. 20 Sep 1864, Batch 1690241
George Henry Dalton and Ellen Henrietta Ravell, m. 23 Sep 1874, Batch 1690243

From Avril has arrived the address of the Capetown records office.  A fax may be sent to: Cape Town Archives Repository, Private Bag X9025, Capetown 8000, Republic of South Africa.
Fax: 021 452 -960.


- Births and Marriages, LDS IGI Records
Willem Hendrik Dalton, b. 29 Dec 1837; parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacobs Boshof, Film 6142825
Hendrik Louis Dalton, b. 15 Oct 1839; parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 6142825
Barend Frederik Dalton, b. 19 Sep 1844, parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 6142825
Helena Dalton, b. 24 May 1849, parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 2034388
Lea Jacoba Dalton, b. 31 Jul 1851, parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 1985544
John Pearse Dalton, b. 23 Sep 1853, parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 2078173
Maria Elizabeth Dalton, b. 12 Jan 1856, parents Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 1985259
Martha Maria Elizabeth Dalton, b. 31 May 1858, parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 2078181
Edward Richard Dalton, b. 15 Aug 1860, parents Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacobs Boshof, Film 6142825
Daniel Johannes Dalton, b. 1861, parents, Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 6142825
Jacobus Johannes Dalton, b. 1862, parents Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, Film 6142825
Sara Maria Dalton, b. 2 Jun 1864, parents, Hendrik Louis Dalton and Janetta Hendrina Christina Rosslee, Film 2078173
Willem Hendrik Dalton, b. 2 May 1865, parents, Willem Hendrik Dalton and Magdalena Maria Hendrika Gerber, Film 6142825
Lea Sara Hendrina Dalton, b. 7 Jul 1868, parents Hendrik Louis Dalton and Janette Hendrina Christina Rosslee, Film 2078173

Daniel John Dalton and Lea Jacoba Boshof, m. 10 Dec 1836, Film 1985405
Willem Hendrik Dalton and Magdalena Amria Hendrika Gerber, m. 28 Nov 1858, Film 1904019
Magdalena Hendrina Dalton and Marthinus Christoffel Fouries, m. 25 Mar 1867, Film 2034805
Lea Jacoba Dalton and Hendrik Louis Johannes Boshof, m. 13 Jun 1870, Film 1985387
Helena Dalton and Johannes Joachim Botha, m. 10 Oct 1870, Film 1985405
John Pearse Dalton and Martha Catharina Magdalena Susanna Heunis, m. 3 Apr 1876, Film 2078163
Maria Elizabeth Dalton and Jan Barnard, m. 20 Sep 1880, Film 1904041
Daniel Johannes Dalton and Maria Christina Heunis, m. 27 Mar 1882, Film 2078163
Jacobus Johannes Dalton and Catharina Maria Westraad, m. 31 Dec 1883, Film 2078061

Family History

Submitted by Jacqui Richardson
John Charles Dalton, born July 1893 in George, Cape Province, South Africa. (John's father was from the Republic of Ireland)
John Charles Dalton served as a Constable in the SA Police Service and lived in Knysna, Cape Province, South Africa.
He was married to Maria Elizabeth Dalton (nee Swemmer) and passed away on 12 September 1946 (Ref #4680) aged 53,
leaving behind his wife and three children:
  - Merlin Elizabeth Dalton (b 4 August 1928)
  - Belinda Dalton (b 18 March 1931)
  - Reine Dalton (b 21 November 1943)

Reine Dalton is married to Annalien Dalton (nee Du Toit) and has two children:
  - Jacqueline Richardson (nee Dalton) (b 14 September 1980)
  - John-Charles Dalton (b 27 April 1983)


Gladys Florence Dalton , b. Apr 1898, parents Dalton (father) and Catherine Von Schumper, Film 1903975
Daniel John Dalton and Martha Maria Rabie, m. 21 Nov 1869, Film 2078061

Miscellaneous Entries (South Africa)
Leonora Dalton, b. abt. 1897, Film 1761056
Edward  Richard Dalton and Elizabeth Mary Stevens, m. at. 1892 Cape of Good Hope, Film 2034805


Mr. Dalton and Elizabeth Foord, abt. 1899, Film 6142825
Bernidina Btuyens Van Dalton and Johannis Hendrik De Lange Badenhorst, m. 20 Feb 1921, Film 2078076


Johannesburg - Directory information
Very little South African information exists on the web, but a resident , Ash Amery, member of the GOONS (Guild of One Name Studies) has sent the following list of Daltons living in the Johannesburg area. For privacy reasons the complete address and telephone number have been omitted and can be obtained by E-mail to . Postal delivery to street addresses in Johannesburg is rare and telephone is the most effective means of communication.

A. B. Dalton, Bryanston
B. A. Dalton, Morningside Manor
C. F. Dalton, Halfway House
D. Dalton, Mulburton
D. A. Dalton, Rooseveldt Park
David Dalton,  Paulshopf
E. R. Dalton, Kyber  Park
G. Dalton,  Constantia Avenue
G. W. Dalton, Johannesburg North
H. Dalton,  Kyalami Estate
Iain M. Dalton, Paulshof
J. Dalton,  Illovo
J. Dalton, Bez Valley
Dr. J. H. Dalton, Randpark Ridge
K. I. Dalton, Houghton
L. E. Dalton, 80 Ballyclare Drive
M. Dalton, Midrand
M. A. Dalton, Oakdene
Michael J. Dalton, Sandringham
T. Dalton, Illovo
T. J. Dalton,  133 Wilkriver Village
Vivian Dalton, Robertsham
W. H. Dalton, Jukslei Park
W. O. Dalton, 1Balgowrie


South African Daltons - Source: War Graves Commission
Caution: This may be a partial list. It includes WWI and WWII casualties.

Name: Edmund Dalton, Air Mechanic, 1st Squadron, South African Air Force, Died 11 Feb 1942, age 22.
Parents: Edmund and M. G. Dalton of Johannsesburg, Transvaal, South Africa
Burial: El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt

Name: F. A. Dalton, Sapper, So. African Engineer Corp., died 7 Apr 1946, age 41.
Parents: Son of John P. Dalton and Nelly Dalton; husband of Johanna S. Dalton of Willowmore.
Burial: Willowmore Cemetery, Eastern Cape, So. Africa

Name: John Pearis Dalton, Private, 1st Regt, So African Infantry, died 13 Oct 1916, age 20.
Parents: John Pearis Dalton and Martha Catrina Dalton of Stocksentroom Street, George, Cape Province, So. Africa.
Burial: France

Name: R. C. Dalton, Second Lieutenant, 34th Squadron, So. African Air Force, died 4 Apr 1945, age 20.
Parents: Herbert C and Mary A. Dalton of Green Point, Cape Province, So. Africa.
Burial: Italy

Name Stanley McKenzie Dalton, Private, South African Medical Corps, 4th Field Ambulance, died 12 Aug 1916, age 19.
Parents: William and Mary Helen Dalton, 54 Roberts Av. Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa. Born at Durban.
Burial: Kenya

Casualties - British Regiments in South Africa

Our appreciation is extended to Rob Alexander for this listing. He may be reached at:   Several of these casualties occurred as a result of the Boer War.

Natal Field Force Casualty Roll
Sgt A. Dalton, Rifle Brigade. Died of enteric at Ladysmith 18 Feb 1900
Major C. Dalton, Royal Army Medical Corps. Severely wounded at Hussar Hill 23 Jan 1900
2nd Lt. E. F. G. Dalton, 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment, 4th Batn. Severely wounded at Bothas Pass 8 Jun 1900
Gunner F. H. Dalton, 61st Battery, Royal Field Artileery. Wounded at Potgieter's Drift 5 Feb 1900
Cpl. G. Dalton, 2nd Royal West Surrey Regiment. Wounded at Ladysmith 23 Feb 1900
Pte M. Dalton, 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Missing-Released at Colenso 15 Dec 1899
Medal Roll
Pte. James Dalton, 12th Regiment of Lancers. Awarded 1853 South Africa medal for service, 1850-1853
Zulu and Basuto Wars Casualty Roll
Storekeeper E. L. Dalton Commissariat and Transport Staff. Wounded at Rorke's Drift 22 Jan 1879



The Descendency Chart of George Dalton was submitted by Eira Makepeace of South Africa.  Her e-mail address is:

 (Although not yet confirmed, the parents of George Dalton were likely to be Christopher and Milcah Lownsbrough Dalton, 27th July 2004).


A : George Dalton, born in York, Yorkshire in 1834, died in Durban the 17 September 1926, married (1) Mary Brown (born the 30 January 1837 in Salford/Manchester and died the 19 January 1869 in Durban),  (2) Olive Starr, in 1871 in Durban, (born in 1851).

(Notes : See detailed notes for potted history. Died at 17 Ebor Avenue Durban, had children by three wives, Died aged 92. First wife was Martha Smith, died about 1861. Second wife died in 1869.)

He had at least 13 children, 2 or 3 of whom did not survive into adulthood, one of whom was Ross Milcah Dalton died 8th August 1967.


B.1 : (2)  Fanny Evelyne Dalton, died in 1946, married Francis Herbert Tunmer (died in 1943).


B.2 : (2)  Olive Beatrice Dalton, died in 1952, married Alfred Evans.


B.3 : (2)  Gladys Irene Florence Dalton, died in Transvaal in 1971, married Alfred Kinnear Hodge (died in 1962).


B.4 : William John Smith Dalton, born in 1859, married (1) Harriet Maria Higgs divorced 1898,  (2) Clarissa Mary Mason divorced 1908.

(Notes : Estranged from his father, Mother died when he was a baby. Twice divorced. Ref to him in CDS' memoirs where he was seen at the Pretoria Market.. Known as Uncle Willie. Ran the JHB branch of the Geo Dalton saddlery. )


B.5 : (1)  Joseph Charles Dalton, born in Durban the 9 October 1864, died in Durban.

He had 2 children :


C.5.1 : George Allan Dalton.

(Notes : Chief Electrical Engineer for SAR and electrified JHB/Natal line)


C.5.2 : Anne Olive Dalton, died the 28 November 1986, married Walter Hudson Bennett (born in Durban and died the 29 November 1957).


B.6 : (1)  Jane Eleanor Dalton, born the 23 October 1865, died in Durban in 1952.

(Notes : Never married, child of George Dalton's second wife, ref to her as Janie in Clare Storrar's memoirs)


B.7 : (2)  George Londesborough Dalton, born in Durban the 18 January 1876, died in Durban the 12 July 1946, married Lily Brokensha, the 17 September 1902 (died in 1970).

(Notes : see for details of his cricketing career)

He had 4 children :


C.7.1 : unknown female Dalton.


C.7.2 : unknown female Dalton.


C.7.3 : Eric Londesborough Dalton, born the 2 December 1906, died in Westridge, Durban the 3 June 1981.

(Notes : Well regarded sportsman.)


C.7.4 : Howard Ernest Dalton, born in Durban the 26 January 1917, died in Durban the 22 May 1987.

(Notes : Left hand bowler as in


B.8 : (2)  Christopher Starr Dalton, born in Durban in 1877, died in Addington, Durban the 13 November 1933, married Esther Radford, the 29 June 1910 (died in 1955).

(Notes : Have his death notice and other docs from the RSA archives. Predeceased his mother, Olive Starr DALTON. He worked as a clerk for the SAR&H and was in receipt of a pension at his death.)

He had 3 children :


C.8.1 : Ethel Joyce Dalton, born the 27 November 1911.


C.8.2 : Christopher Denis Dalton, born the 7 March 1918.


C.8.3 : Esther Olive Dalton, born the 15 October 1926.

(Notes : Sad little note by her mother for financial aid to pay for her daughter's education. )


B.9 : (2)  Natalia Elizabeth Dalton, born in Durban in 1882, died in Transvaal in 1946, married Robert Clark Storrar, in 1909 in Manning Road Methodist, Durban

She had 3 children :


C.9.1 : Olive Starr Storrar, died in 1965, married Ronald Gordon Bruce.

She had 4 children :


D.9.1.1 : Sandra Elizabeth Bruce, died in 1991.


C.9.2 : Clare Dalton Storrar, born in Pietermaritzburg the 18 January 1911, married (1) Hilda Bayly,  (2) Patricia Causton. Clare is still alive and lives on Mossel Bay with his wife, both of them have written about historical subjects in South Africa.

He has 3 children all living.


C.9.3 : George Clark Storrar, born in Graaff Reinet the 18 August 1914, died in Johannesburg the 22 November 1993, married (1) Zoe Jones, the 15 April 1944 in Hekpoort,  (2) Esther Basson.

He had 2 children :


D.9.3.1 : (1)  Eira Elizabeth Storrar, born in Johannesburg the 13 November 1944, married Christopher Harry Nash Makepeace, the 12 April 1973 in Johannesburg (born the 15 July 1944). Lives in Bristol, UK

She had 2 children :


E. : Christpher Paul Storrar Makepeace, born in Johannesburg the 10 April 1974.

(Notes : Lives in London, England.)


E. : Nicholas Storrar Makepeace, born in Johannesburg the 29 December 1976.

(Notes : Lives in London, England)


D.9.3.2 : (1)  Zoe Earle Storrar, born in Johannesburg the 15 March 1947, married (1) Clive Smith in Johannesburg,  (2) Wallace Molteno. She has two children.


B.10 : (2)  Leonard Douglas Dalton, born in Durban the 13 March 1883, died in Dunnottar, Transvaal the 3 February 1953, married Rene Essie Lewis (died in 1968).



Salisbury - LDS IGI
Catharine Maria Dalton, b. 30 Oct 1898, parents Samuel Petrus Dalton and Catharine Maria Van Rooyen, Batch 8320980

Hartley - LDS IGI
Catharina Maria Dalton and Albert Alfred Goodsman Johnson, m. 26 Jan 1915, Batch 8320980


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