2011 salt lake city gathering - cathy Negcryz

The Salt Lake City LDS Temple<br>Click to enlarge Clock on city corner<br>Click to enlarge The Salt Lake City LDS Temple<br>Click to enlarge <br>Click to enlarge A view of the Tabernacle before the performance<br>Click to enlarge View of the Assembly Hall building<br>Click to enlarge View of the Tabernacle Choir facility<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Michael F. Dalton & Eric Dalton<br>Click to enlarge <br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Shauna & John Hart<br>Click to enlarge Ray Negrycz & Mike Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r)Shauna Hart, Sheila Dalton, Kate Dalton, Stephan Dalton, MND in background, Mike Dalton (Oregon)<br>Click to enlarge Lois Edwards  (Virginia) , Mike Dalton, Eric Dalton (Michigan)<br>Click to enlarge Cathy & her husband Ray<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Kate & Michael Dalton with the Harts<br>Click to enlarge A Wonderful experience!<br>Click to enlarge Cathy Negcryz - In Search of Group D's Adam<br>Click to enlarge Opening remarks<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) David Preston, Kate Dalton, Sarah Fitzgerald & Karen Dalton Preston<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Mary Reichman & Karen Dalton Preston<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) John & Sheila Dalton, Jane White, Maureen Collins & Mike Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Michael & Kate Dalton, William C. (Bill) Dalton & Nina McFall<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Melanie & Hall Crain, Mary Beth & Garland Dalton <br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Eric Dalton, Lois Edwards, Dave Dalton Edwards<br>Click to enlarge Gavin & Helen Smith<br>Click to enlarge Michael & Kate Dalton<br>Click to enlarge Ray & Cathy Negcryz<br>Click to enlarge

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