2011 SLC gathering - michael neale dalton

(l-r) Val Dalton Dunn, Rodney Dalton, Ashley Dowdy, Arthur Whittaker and his wife Helen Kay Whittaker <br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Rodney Dalton, Arthur Whittaker, Shauna Hart & Michael Neale Dalton<br>Click to enlarge Shauna Hart & Arthur Whittaker<br>Click to enlarge Melanie Crane & Lois Edwards<br>Click to enlarge Helen Smith & Kate Dalton<br>Click to enlarge Dave Dalton Edwards, Gavin Smith & Eric Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Bill Dalton, Jerry & Cecelia Lang<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Maureen Collins, Bill Dalton, Jerry & Cecelia Lang<br>Click to enlarge Rodney Dalton, one of the presenters at the Gathering<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Mike Dalton of Oregon & Val Dalton Dunn of Utah<br>Click to enlarge Clive Romney, Karen Preston & John Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Arthur Whittaker & Committee Member Michael F. Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Cathy & Ray Negrycz with Garland & Mary Beth Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Maureen Collins, Sarah & Martin Fitzgerald, Kate Dalton & John Hart <br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Helen & Gavin Smith, Nina McFall & Bill Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Bill Dalton, Ray & Cathy Negrycz & Mary Reichman<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) David Dalton Edwards, Eric Dalton, Ray & Leslie Crunk<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Ray & Leslie Crunk, Ashley Dowdy, Rodney Dalton<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Helen Kay & Arthur Whittaker, Mike Dalton<br>Click to enlarge Clive provided the evenings entertainment, including a song specially written for the DGS<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Maureen Collins (playing first shovel) & Clive Romney perform for the Gathering<br>Click to enlarge Performng 'the Ballad of Young Ed Dalton'<br>Click to enlarge Opening Remarks<br>Click to enlarge Some of the 48 attendees<br>Click to enlarge Chris Pomery provided a recorded presentation, with a live video link for Q&A<br>Click to enlarge The First Daltons in Albamarle County, Virginia<br>Click to enlarge The Utah Daltons<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) David Preston, Kate Dalton, Sarah Fitzgerald & Karen Dalton Preston<br>Click to enlarge

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