agm surrey 2010 - saturday meeting & dinner

Chairman Michael Neale Dalton preparing for the  AGM to commence<br>Click to enlarge Attendees prepare for the AGM to commence<br>Click to enlarge Chairman Michael Dalton opens the AGM<br>Click to enlarge Secretary Pam Lynam<br>Click to enlarge John Dalton, Editor of the Dalton Journals<br>Click to enlarge Daltons in History Editor Dairne Irwin<br>Click to enlarge Chris Pomery during his excellent presentation<br>Click to enlarge Australian Secretary Maureen Collins<br>Click to enlarge Impromptu discussions during lunch<br>Click to enlarge David Preston taping and broadcasting live from the Surry AGM<br>Click to enlarge Michael Neale Dalton presents Chris Pomery with a special bottle of Port<br>Click to enlarge Geoffery Dalton and John Dalton look on as Lady Dalton examines a document<br>Click to enlarge Chris Pomery answering questions after his presentation<br>Click to enlarge Chris Pomery looks on as David Preston checks the response from the live video presentation<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Charles Dow, Sir Geoffrey Dalton, Rosemary Dow & Lady Jane Dalton<br>Click to enlarge Dinner tables set and ready!<br>Click to enlarge (clockwise) Mike Dalton, Martin Fitzgerald, David Preston, Wendy Fleming, Karen Preston<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) David Dalton, Margaaret Milner, Audrey Dalton & Gerald Milner<br>Click to enlarge Lady Jane Dalton with Vianne Parker, our soprano performer<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Alicia Riley, Alan Green, Pat Robinson & Maureen Collins <br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Geoffrey Dalton, Dairne Irwin, Karen Dalton Preston, John Dalton, Maureen Collins, Mel Irwin, Pam Lynam, Howard Dalton, Michael & Kate Dalton <br>Click to enlarge Michael Broadway, founder of the Pianola Partnership provided entertainment for the evening<br>Click to enlarge Soprano extraordinaire Vaninne Parker entertained the DGS members with accompiment by Michael Broadway<br>Click to enlarge Invented in 1895, the Pianola went into production in 1898.<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Dairne Irwin, Dave Lynam, Pat Lynam, Mel Irwain, Dave Lynum, Peter & Gill Thurlby<br>Click to enlarge Martin Fitzgerald. DGS Webmaster, receives a special bottle of Port in recognition of his efforts<br>Click to enlarge Michael Neale Dalton highlights 40 years of the DGSn<br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Shirley Dalton, Mike Dalton, Maureen Collins, Margaret & Gerald Milner, Pat Robinson, John Dalton & Wendy Fleming<br>Click to enlarge Michael Broadway discusses the intricies of playing a Pianola<br>Click to enlarge Margaret Milner and Wendy Fleming<br>Click to enlarge Martin Fitzgerald, DGS Webmaster and David Preston, DDB & North American Webmaster<br>Click to enlarge <br>Click to enlarge (l-r) Michael Broadway, Vaninne Parker & Michael Neale Dalton<br>Click to enlarge David and Audrey Dalton are all smiles<br>Click to enlarge

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