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NB: There may be a few duplicate entries in this file that was submitted by Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist. Source: London Parish Registers.





All Souls Catholic Cemetery burials


13 Oct 1851

Edward DALTON, 8





St Mary burials


30 Mar 1835

James DALTON, 4 mths

1 May 1837

Michael John DALTON, 9 mths

11 Jun 1840

Charles DALTON, over 1

30 Oct 1841

Catharine DALTON, 24

6 May 1844

John William DALTON, 30



All Hallows, Bread Street




20 Dec 1538

Thomas son of George Dalton

22 June 1540

Elyn daughter of George Dalton

31 Oct 1541

Mary daughter of George Dalton

20 Aug 1543

Alys daughter of George Dalton

14 June 1562

Margaret daughter of george Dalton of this parish, goldsmyth





6 Dec 1552

Barthelmewe Dod and Elizabethe Dalton

24 June 1628

Leonard Fletcher and Elizabeth Boulton or Dallton of this parish, living at Mr Smith the bricklayer

2 Nov 1760

Thomas Dalton, curate of St Mildred, Bread St, conducted a marriage





9 Sep 1541

William Dawlton

21 June 1562

The wyfe of Georgte Dalton of this parish, gold smythe



Charterhouse Chapel




22 July 1677

Samuel Dalton of derby, caelebs, and Elizabeth Harper of ye same town, puella, fil. Anna Dekins als. Harper

28 Sep 1747

James Dalton, clerk of the parish of Stanmore, in the county of Middlesex, widower, and Mary Box, of the parish of St Margaretís, Westminster, widow



Christ Church, Newgate




27 Jan 1722/3

James, son of Isaac and Priscilla Dalton





15 Dec 1712

Richard Dalton, a child from Newgate

18 Sep 1726

Elizabeth Dalton

1 April 1729

Ann Dalton

18 Nov 1735

William Dalton

21 May 1738

Thomas Dalton



St Antholin, Budge Row




24 June 1708

Levi Dalton, of St Dunstan in the West, London, bachelor, and Mary Griffith, of the same parish, singlewoman



St Benet, Paulís Wharf




26 June 1632

William Wilcocks and Elizabeth Dalton

18 July 1717

Thomas Dalton of Ware, Hertfordshire, bachelor, and Sarah Woodhouse of St James, Westminster, spinster

4 Feb 1719/20

Francis Henry Loveden of St Lawrence Poultney, London, bachelor and Mary Dalton of the same, spinster

27 Dec 1730

Joseph Dalton of Deptford, kent, bachelor and Elizabeth Davis of the same, spinster

31 Oct 1734

Samuel Drake of St Paulís, Covent Garden, bachelor and Elizabeth Dalton of St Mary le Strand, spinster

11 Feb 1742/3

John Dalton of Deptford, Kent, bachelor and Anne Cole of St George, Hanover Square, spinster

14 May 1745

Hugh pattrickson of All Hallkows, Bread St, London, bachelor and Jane Dalton of St James, Westminster, spinster

24 April 1750

John Dalton of St Bartholomew behind the Royal Exchange, London, widower, and Mary Sunter of St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, widow



St Clement Eastcheap and St Martin Orgar




13 July 1551

George Blackwell and Katherine Dalton

1 July 1746

John Madders and Mary Dalton, both of St Martin Orgars





27 Aug 1742

Jane Dalton, churchyard

21 June 1744

Thomas Dalton, churchyard

6 May 1746

Ambrose Dalton, churchyard



St Dunstan in the East




2 June 1577

John Davis and Eme Dalton

21 Jan 1639/40

John Wood and Barbara Dalton



St Peter, Paulís Wharf




12 June 1656

Walter Dalton and Jone Parsons

13 Aug 1657

John Payne and Ann Dalton



St Dionis Backchurch




16 Nov 1658

Richard Dalton and Frances Easterbrooke, both of Stepney





1 March 1712/3

Mary Dalton, servant to Mr Charles Sanderson, vintner: bur. in N Churchyard



St George, Hanover Square, London




20 Jan 1758

John Wyndham Esq and Elizabeth Dalton spinster, only child of Richard Dalton Esq and Mary, granddaughter of Sir Nathan Wright, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal

26 March 1762

William Lovell bachelor and Elizabeth Dalton spinster

3 July 1764

Joseph Dalton of this parish, widower, and Elizabeth Waghorn of St Jamesís, Westminster, spinster

22 April 1765

John Robley bachelor and Sarah Dalton spinster

19 Feb 1766

Obadiah Jenkins bachelor and Martha Dalton spinster

12 Feb 1771

Edward Dalton of this parish and Mary Rpberts of st Olave, Southwark, Surrey

31 Jan 1773

James Gane and Sarah Dalton

15 June 1773

Joseph Dalton and Mary Davey

22 Dec 1778

Samuel Davis and Martha Dalton

27 April 1780

Mark Shute and Mary Eleanor Dalton

9 Sep 1781

Joseph Dalton and Hanna Smith

4 Feb 1782

James Dalton and Sarah Adie

2 April 1785

John Jenkinson of St Annís, Westminster and Alice Dalton of this parish

25 May 1787

William Vernel and Mary Dalton

7 Mar 1791

Richard Clement and Jane Dalton

24 May 1794

Thomas Wild and Mary Dalton

24 May 1795

Joseph Dalton and Isabella Silby

7 July 1795

William Ann [sic] Dalton and Ann Webb

13 Aug 1799

Robert Gibbs and Louisa Dalton

8 Jan 1801

John Dalton of St Mary Abbottís, Kensignton, bachelor, and Elizabeth Beavis of this parish, spinster

19 April 1802

Patrick Kenney and Mary Dalton

29 June 1802

Reuben Clayton bachelor and Margaret Dalton spinster

18 Jan 1803

James Dalton and Louisa Helme

4 Sep 1803

James Dalton and Charlotte Elizabeth Edwards

29 Mar 1804

Richard Dalton and Ann George Virgin

15 April 1805

Edward Dalton and Mary Herridge

31 Jan 1806

Lewis Harty and Mary Dalton

17 Jan 1808

James Couney and Elizabeth Dalton

13 April 1811

John Dalton and Charlotte Eleanor Heath

21 June 1811

Thomas Penn and Ann Dalton

8 July 1811

Thomas Dawson and Ann Dalton

30 July 1812

John Dalton and Elizabeth Lowe

1 May 1813

Thomas Jennings and Ann Dalton

10 Nov 1814

Richard Howard and Elizabeth Dalton

27 June 1815

James Dalton bachelor and Mariann Mills spinster

17 Dec 1815

Peter Goodale bachelor and Maria Dalton spinster

12 Dec 1819

John Clark and Mary Dalton

9 Oct 1821

William Terzise Nicholas and Ann Elizabeth Dalton

29 Jan 1822

The Rt Hon Thomas Taylor, commonly called the Earl of Bective, bachelor and Olivia Dalton, widow, of St Luke, Chelsea

30 July 1822

Thomas Dalton and Sophia Sarah Turner

14 Aug 1822

Thomas Cowley and Catherine Dalton

7 Nov 1824

William Thomas Dalton and Sarah Paddon

26 June 1825

John Jordan and Eliza Dalton

30 Sep 1825

Augustus William Henry Dalton and Harriett Wood

21 Mar 1826

William Griffin and Sylvia Dalton

25 Mar 1828

William Dalton bachelor and Jane Poulter spinster of Winkfield, Berkshire

30 April 1829

John Hoxland Dalton and Elizabeth Holland



St George, Mayfair




24 Feb 1742/3

Edward Dalton and Mrs Alice Skelton of St Georgeís in the East

10 April 1743/4

William Bricknell of Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire, and Mrs Ann Dalton of St Georgeís, Bloomsbury

3 Jan 1747/8

Edward Castledine and Mrs Ann Dalton of St James, Westminster

6 Nov 1751

Thomas Cooper and Eleanor Dalton

19 July 1752

Philip Copley and Jane Dalton of St Giles in the Fields

4 Nov 1753

John Dalton and Jane Kelley of Putney, Surrey

25 Nov 1729

James Dalton of St Bridgetís, butcher, widower, and Mary Price of St Sepulchreís, widow


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