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St Helen, Bishopsgate




26 Nov 1609

Edward son of John Dalton and Emme his wife

26 July 1612

Peter son of John Dalton haberdasher and Emme his wife





23 Aug 1611

Edward son of John Dalton haberdasher and of Emme his wyfe

13 July 1747

Miles Dallton in the churchyard

10 Oct 1751

Sarah Dalton in the churchyard



St James, Clerkenwell




25 Aug 1611

John son of Roberte Dalton

5 Nov 1626

Edmund son of Edmund Daulton and Kather. ux.

2 Jan 1631/2

Freeman son of Edmond Daulton

6 Oct 1633

Anne daughter of Edmund Daulton

2 Oct 1715

John son of Thomas Dalton and Sarah his wife

22 Nov 1730

Edward son of Edward and Mary Dalton, born 30 Oct

15 May 1737

Ann daughter of Isaac and Priscilla Dalton, born 16 April

6 Jan 1739/40

Sarah daughter of William and Mary Dalton, born 3 Jan





19 Jan 1639/40

Jeremye Dauncye and Katherine Daulton

29 April 1641

Thomas Daulton and Ann Freeman

24 July 1682

Anthony Stepes and Gartrude Dallton





19 Aug 1570

Thomas Dalton

19 Oct 1577

William Dalton

7 Sep 1599

Robert son of Edward Dalton or Darton

29 June 1632

Freeman son of Edmund Dalton

10 Feb 1717/8

John Dalton, from Hockley hole

20 Aug 1735

Mary Dalton, Rag St

9 Jan 1739/40

Edward Dalton, St Johnís Lane

25 Jan 1739/40

Mary Dalton, Bottle Hay Yard

2 Mar 1750/1

Mary Dalton, Turnmill St, infant, New Ground



St Katharine by the Tower




5 Oct 1585

Mason Dalton and Marie Rason

9 April 1689

Thomas Dalton and Mary Cook

6 Nov 1690

Edward Doulton and Elizabeth Grimson

10 May 1697

John Dalton of this Precinct, red lion yard, painter stainer, widower, and Mary Crouch, ibidem, widow

6 May 1704

William Franklyn and Susanna Maria Dalton

10 Aug 1711

William Jeffrey, clarke, bachelor, aged 26 of Bramly, Hampshire and Elizabeth Dalton, spinster age 25 of the same place

5 Mar 1715/6

Thomas Uthwat bachelor and Cathrine Dalton spinster

29 jan 1723/4

William Dalton and Mary Brain, widow



St Lawrence Jewry and St Mary Magdalen, Milk Street




1 Mar 1746/7

Mary daughter of Robert and Susanna Dalton, born 3 Feb



St Margaret, Westminster




24 Nov 1670

Mr Lovede Cordell to Mrs Mary Dalton



St Mary, Aldermary




9 Feb 1731/2

Basil Brown and Alice Dalton, both of St Swithinís



St Mary le Bone




1 Dec 1672

Thomas Baddy and Frances Dalton

14 Feb 1674/5

Edward Summerton and Margaret Dalton

16 Oct 1688

Rowland Dalton and Catherine Marshall

12 Jan 1777

Joseph Dalton witnessed marriage of Thomas Garrett and Susanna Baynard

2 April 1777

Mark Dalton widower and Catherina Bather of St George, Hanover Square, widow

24 June 1780

Walter Dalton bachelor and Elizabeth Jones widow

10 Mar 1783

John Dalton Esq bachelor and Susanna Prescott, soinster, a minor, with consent of Robert Prescott Esq, father. John Dalton was a witness

21 April 1783

Daniel Dalton of Culworth, Northamptonshire, bachelor and Jane Palmer spinster

6 May 1783

Joseph Dalton bachelor and Ann Bannister spinster

31 May 1787

William Edward Dalton witnessed marriage of James Forbes of Stanmore and Rosťe Gaylard

17 June 1789

William Dalton bachelor and Elizabeth Winder spinster

11 Oct 1792

Thomas Stokes bachelor and Ann Dalton spinster

24 Jan 1793

John Dalton bachelor and Susan Farrington spinster

22 April 1796

Thomas Search bachelor and Sarah Dalton spinster

8 Jan 1798

Joh Dalton bachelor and Ann Stevenson/Stephenson spinster

3 Nov 1800

The Rev Thomas Dalton conducted a marriage and Bridget Dalton was a witness

20 July 1801

William Hoghton Dalton Esq bachelor and Louisa Smith of St Martin in the Fields spinster

9 Jan 1809

John Dalton junior witnessed marriage of Sir Thomas Gage Bt bachelor of Hargrave, Suffolk and the Rt Hon Lady Mary Anne Browne spinster

1 Feb 1809

John Dalton junior of Thurnham Hall, Lancashire and Mary Ann Cary spinster. John Dalton senior and Thomas Gage were among the witnesses

8 Feb 1810

T Dalton witnessed marriage of Hungerford Richard Elers and Mary Sharp

14 Jan 1811

Maurice Dalton of St Mary, Islington, Middlesex, widower and Mary Hamilton spinster

20 Aug 1811

George Snook bachelor and Mary Dalton spinster. Ann Dalton was a witness



St Mary le Bow




10 May 1759

Edward Handy of St George, Hanover Square, bachelor and Sarah Dalton of this parish (lives with Merser, stone mason in Margaret St)

8 Dec 1759

James Dalton witnessed marriage of John Woolbridge and Isabella Hart

27 April 1762

Matthew Dalton witnessed marriage of Francis Shields and Hester Lee

22 Nov 1767

John Dalton witnessed marriage of Baptist Matthews and Ann Fancourt

5 Nov 1771

Joseph Dalton bachelor and Mary Durant spinster

27 Aug 1775

I Dalton witnessed marriage of William Fletcher and Lydia Fielding

25 Oct 1775

Mark Dalton witnessed marriage of Robert Murdock and Catharine Cross



St Mary Mounthaw




10 June 1821

Susan, daughter of James and Ann Dalton, Old Fish Street Hill, philosophical instrument maker





30 Oct 1791

David Dalton, poor, a child



St Mary Somerset




30 Nov 1654

Joane Dalton



St Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury




5 Mar 1593/4

Laurence Dalton





12 Aug 1816

William Franklin bachelor and Ann Dalton spinster, both of this parish. John Dalton was a witness





16 July 1601

Mr Jeames Dalton Esquire, Lincolns Inn

9 Dec 1663

Susanna wife of Mr Dalton joynor

1 Jan 1665/6

Peter Dalton



St Michael Bassishaw




31 Jan 1560/1

Margaret daughter of John Dalton

2 Oct 1757

Alice daughter of Charles and Sarah Dalton, born 31 Aug





22 July 1656

John Dalton and Sarah Barnes of Hornsie, Middlesex

26 Feb 1687

Thomas Humphrey and Mary Dalton

31 Jan 1799

Thomas Dalton widower and Elizabeth Ottley spinster, both of this parish

26 July 1824

Joseph Johnson bachelor and Martha Dalton spinster, both of this parish





18 May 1561

Annes Owdedam, servant with John Dalton

2 May 1563

Jone daughter of Jhon Dalton, brewer

28 sep 1563

John Reade, servant unto John Dawlton, bruer, died same day



St Olave, Hart Street




14 Jan 1572/3

Roberte Townesende and Ellyn Dalton





5 Sep 1584

Robert Dalton

4 Oct 1591

Joane Dalton, oute of Almese howses



St Paulís Cathedral




9 Aug 1749

Francis Dalton of Grayís Inn, bachelor, and Mary Tasker of Horton Kirby, Kent




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