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St Paul, Covent Garden




12 Oct 1777

Richard Holder of this parish bachelor and Margaret Dolton of this parish spinster

22 Nov 1779

George Wilcox of this parish bachelor and Mary Dalton of this parish spinster

24 Feb 1825

Sarah Dalton witnessed marriage of Thomas Bagley and Elizabeth Amelia Burns





22 Nov 1703

Mary Dalton

8 Mar 1733/4

Henry Dalton

31 Dec 1739

John Dalton

11 Mar 1746

Elizabeth Dalton widow

8 Feb 1748

Robert son of John Dalton, from St Martin in the Fields

22 April 1750

Richard son of Luke Dalton

24 July 1752

Anne daughter of John Dalton, from St Martin in the Fields

7 Dec 1758

A male stillborn of Patrick Dalton

3 sep 1759

Edward son of Patrick Dalton

10 Jan 1813

Sarah Dalton, Tavistock Row, age 32

23 Jan 1828

Sarah Dalton, Tavistock Row, age 64

10 Feb 1830

Sarah Dalton, Hart St, age 70

19 Nov 1837

John Dalton, Tavistock Row, age 80

16 Mar 1840

Joseph Dalton, Maiden Lane, age 30

10 Feb 1848

Sarah Dalton, St Martinís Court, age 82



St Peter, Cornhill




16 Aug 1549

John Dalton sonne

16 Feb 1554

Elizabeth Daltonne daughter

10 April 1557

Ellen Dalton daughter





14 Aug 1615

Samuell Dalton of the parish of Stepney and Mary Rich of that parish

7 April 1687

Thomas Dalton of St Mary Woolnoth, bachelor, and Joyce Hall of St Peters Cornhill, widow





3 Oct 1677

James Dalton in the churchyard

11 Jan 1683/4

Elizabeth Dalton in the churchyard

6 Jan 1698/9

Joyce Hall, daughter of Joyce Dalton, by her first husband Anthony Hall, in the north Chapel

4 April 170

Mrs Joyce Dalton, in the North Chapel nr the vestry door



St Thomas the Apostle




21 Dec 1565

John son of James Dawton

21 Mar 1567

Dorithie daughter of James Dalton





28 Sep 1572

Evan [blank] and Joane Daulton





30 Dec 1571

James Dawton



St Vedast, Foster Lane





J Dalton inspected parish register as deputy inspector

8 June 1787

Edward Dalton son of William Edward and Ann Dalton, born 22 May



Middlesex County, England


Parish Marriage Records


1603, May 2

John Daulton and Rodie Alhead, parish Enfield

1641, Sep.1

Henry Dalton and Alice Sunnibank, parish Stanwell

1714, Aug 8

Thomas Dalton and Ruth Greaves, parish Edmonton

1761, Jan. 14

John Dolton of Holwall, Bedford and Mary Billings (widow), parish Twickenham

1764, Jun 28

Richard Dalton of St. James, Westminster and Esther De Huelle, Licensed, parish Tottenham

1770, Nov 5

William Dalton and Mary Thompson, parish Monken Hadley, Licensed

1802, Nov 12

James Dalton and Frances (Farney) Spenser, parish Hillingdon, both of Uxbridge

1806, Dec 27

George Dalton and Elizabeth Burt, parish Heston


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