The Cumberland file contains some 1000 entries. Births and burials for Carlisle are needed and we welcome your contributions of these records.  Additional birth data can be gleaned from the Dalton entries in the Cumberland enumerations of the 1881 Census of the U. K. There are 355 Daltons in this Census who were born in Cumberland.  Of that number 285 remained in Cumberland at the time of the Census.  From the data it is possible to identify those Daltons who migrated to other parts of the U. K. and those Daltons who were born elsewhere and migrated to Cumberland.

Americans whose ancestors were among the colonists would welcome any Dalton data for the town of Whitehaven. Our appreciation is extended to Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist, for his additions to this file. To search the file, use the Edit/Find function of your browser. As with all data, it is the onus of the user to verify the data.

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Parish Records

Wills and Administrations of the Deanery of Copeland

Principal Inhabitants - 1829

Principal Inhabitants - 1841

Principal Inhabitants - 1847

Bulmer's Directory of Cumberland - 1901

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Alston  Parish

Dalton, Mary married John Spark 8 Dec1805
Dalton, Thomas married Mary Thompson 21Dec1799
Dalton, Titus married Elizabeth Walton 27Jun1765


22 Aug 1877, c. Mary Dalton, dau of Catharine Dalton
29 Jul 1883, birth; 25 Nov 1883 c. Isabella Dalton, dau of Hannah Dalton


28 Nov 1884, c. Frederick Dalton dau of Julia Dalton
7 Jul 1876, c. William Dalton son of Thomas and Elizabeth Dalton
c. 23 Jun 1879, c. John Dalton son of Margaret Dalton
25 Nov 1881, c. Julia Dalton, dau of Julia Dalton

Carlisle Marriage Bonds

28 Jan 1703 Rowland Dalton was bondsman for marriage of Thomas Palmer of Skailby, Cumberland
2 July 1705 Rowland Dalton, yeoman, of Scotch Gate, Cumberland and Sara Smith
11 Jan 1708 John Dalton, his mark, of Holmehouse, Cumberland, yeoman and Anne Holme
25 Nov 1710 John Dalton, gentleman, of Walby (Halby?) and Mrs Bridgett Simpson. Crosby
12 Jan 1711 Thomas Wright, yeoman, of Scarbank, Arthuret, Cumberland and Margaret Dalton of Crosby. One bondsman was Rowland Dalton.
1 Dec 1713 Charles Baunbrig, farmer, of Wood End, Brough, Westmoreland and Jane Dalton
18 May 1715 Joseph ffisher, yeoman, of Lorton, Cumberland and Dorothy Dalton, widow
25 May 1717 John Dalton, yeoman, of Brunstick, parish of Crosby upon Eden and Mary Troutbeck of Penrith, spinster
12 June 1720 John Dalton, gentleman, of Carlisle and Elizabeth Coutlhard of Carlisle, spinster. St Cuthbert's, Carlisle
6 August 1720 John Dalton, yeoman, of Walby, Cumberland and Sarah Mulcaster. Crosby
1 Feb 1722 Chris Atkins of Brampton, Cumberland and Alice Dalton, spinster, of St Maries, Carlisle Brampton
19 May 1725 Rowland Dalton, butcher, of Carlisle was bondsman for marriage of Jeffry Richardson, curate of Hastwhistle, Northumberland, and Elizabeth Wilson of Carlisle, spinster
24 Dec 1725 George Wilson of Carlisle, yeoman and Mary Dalton of Carlisle, spinster. St Maries, Carlisle
24 June 1727 John Ellwood, yeoman, of Newtown in Irthington, Cumberland and Mary Dalton of Walby, spinster. Irthington or Crosby upon Eden
22 July 1727 Thomas Hodgson, shoemaker, of Carlisle and Mrs Mary Dalton of Carlisle, widow. St Mary's, Carlisle
11 Jan 1731 William Dalton, age about 27, of Edenhall, Cumberland, yeoman and Mary Hetherington, singlewoman, age about 19, of Edenhall. Edenhall*
*Marriage 6 Feb 1731 (date adjusted) William Dalton and Mary Hetherington, both of this parish, were married. Source:  Church of England Parish Registers, PR 90/8 at A2A collections in CASCAT: Cumbria Archive Service Catalogue, data and record image provided by Anthony David Favager Dalton of Oban, Argyll
17 April 1730 John Dalton, yeoman, of parish of St Maries, Carlisle, was bondsman for marriage of Robert Holliday (signs self Holeday) of St Maries, Carlisle and Mary Johnston of Stanwix
19 Dec 1730 Joseph Simpson, singleman, yeoman, age 37, of Longtown in parish of Arthuret and Elizabeth Dalton, widow, St Cuthbert's, Carlisle
3 July 1731 James Dalton, yeoman, of High Crosby in parish of Crosby upon Eden and Rosamund Philip of parish of Kirklinton, spinster. Crosby upon Eden or Kirklinton
31 Oct 1732 Joseph Dalton, his mark, of Hiverby in parish of St Cuthbert's, Carlisle, yeoman and Mary Brown of Skelton, Cumberland, singlewoman. St Cuthbert's, Carlisle or Skelton
11 Sep 1733 Henry Dalton was bondsman for marriage at Brough or St Ninian W of Robert Hudson of Kirkby Stephen, gent and Ann Thornborough of Brough, Westmoreland, spinster
27 Oct 1735 Thomas Dalton, singleman, grocer of parish of St Cuthbert's, Carlisle and Mrs Elizabeth Gregg, singlewoman, of parish of St Maries, Carlisle. St Maries, Carlisle
10 Nov 1735 John Dalton, yeoman, of Clifton, Westmoreland was bondsman for marriage of Joseph Bowerbank of Culgaith, Kirkland, Cumberland and Mary Anson of Penrith
2 Dec 1735 William Wilson, his mark, of Winton in parish of Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland and Isabel Dalton of Winton, spinster. Kirkby Stephen
6 Jan 1736 Richard Dalton of Wigton, dyer, was bondsman for marriage of Michael Blaylock, tanner, of Beamont and Jane Freezer of Carlisle, spinster. Beamont, St Maries or St Cuthbert's, Carlisle
10 July 1736 William Carnaby, plumber, of parish of Canongate, Edinburgh and Margaret Dalton of parish of St Cuthbert's, Carlisle, spinster. St Maries or St Cuthbert's, Carlisle
22 Nov 1740 John Dalton, bachelor, his mark, yeoman, of Holmends in parish of Crosby upon Eden and Mary Brown, age 23, spinster, of Little Corby, parish of Hayton. Crosby upon Eden or Hayton or St Cuthbert's, Carlisle
9 Jan 1742 John Dalton of Brunstock, parish of Crosby upon Eden, yeoman was bondsman for marriage of John Cowin of Low Crosby, parish of Crosby upon Eden and Isabel Slater of Brunstock, parish of Crosby upon Eden. Crosby upon Eden or St Cuthbert's, Carlisle
16 Oct 1742 Richard Dalton of Wigton, dyer, and Anne Dalton of Brunstock, parish of Crosby upon Eden. One bondsman was Thomas Dalton of parish of St Mary's Carlisle, merchant. "Her mother consents, her father being dead". Crosby upon Eden or St Mary's, Carlisle
20 Nov 1742 Thomas Dalton, yeoman, of Crosby upon Eden was bondsman for marriage of Rowland Nicholson of Crosby upon Eden and Mrs Dorothy Blytheman of Warwick Hall, parish of Warwick
25 April 1743 Thomas Dalton, yeoman, of Crosby was bondsman for marriage of James Lawrence of High Crosby and Mary Forster of Little Corby, parish of Hayton
12 Nov 1743 John Dalton, singleman, 26, of Mossdale in parish of Caldbeck and Ester Slee of Mossdale, age 30, spinster. "His mother consents, his father being dead. Her parents dead." Caldbeck
13 Nov 1744 Thomas Birkbeck, bachelor, of Conby in parish of Appleby, Westmoreland and Elizabeth Dalton, spinster, of Long Martin, Westmoreland. One bondsman was George Dalton of Edenall
14 Oct 1745 Joseph Dalton, gentleman, of Carlisle, parish of St Mary's without was bondsman for marriage of Rickerby Atkinson, gentleman, of Drawdykes, parish of Stanwix and Susannah Peacock of same parish
24 Feb 1746 John Dalton, singleman, butcher, 28, of parish of St Cuthbert's, Carlisle and Ann Hetherington, singlewoman, of Newtown, parish of Irthington. Lannercoat or Irthington
16 Feb 1749 Robert Raven, singleman, tanner, of Damm Side, parish of St Mary's, Carlisle and Sarah Dalton of Carlisle, singlewoman. St Maries, Carlisle
24 Feb 1750 Esra Waite, about 23, joyner of Annet Well St, parish of St Mary's, Carlisle and Mary Dalton, spinster, about 23, of same parish. Clifton
18 Nov 1751 Josiah Dalton of Carlisle was bondsman for marriage of William Johnston of parish of St Maries, Carlisle and Jemima Backhouse of Parish of St Cuthbert's, Carlisle
30 May 1752 Richard Dalton, widower, dyer, of Wigton and Elizabeth Low of Carlisle, widow. St Mary's, Carlisle
26, 21 Mar 1779 Dalton, James widower marr Jsabel Irwin widow both of this psh by licence 31 Jul 1766

Cliburn Parish Registers

Marie bastard d of Henrie begotten of Agnes Dalton a lame woman bapt  18 Sep 1588
Mary d of John junr carpinter bapt 20Sept1733
Mary d of John privat bapt 22Oct1768
Mary d of Jos bapt 20Aug1752
Mary d of Richd bapt 1Aug1667
Mary d of Thos bapt 1Apr1689
Mary d of Thos junior bapt 5Mar1696
Richd and Magdeline s/d of Peter/Marion hw bapt 10July1569
Richd s of John bapt 9Oct1679
Agnes d of Thos bapt 4May1673
Alice widow of Ri(chard)Dalton late of Cliburne dau of Geo Parkin bapt at St Andrew's Auckland Church in ye Bishoprick of Durham March 30Apr1729
Eliz d of Jo taylor bapt 15July1716
Eliz d of John and Mary hw priv bapt 3Mar1770
Eliz d of Richd bapt 28May1648
Elizab d of Tho of Licit bapt 21Feb1675
Geo s of Jo bapt 7Nov1681
Geo s of John bur 16 Dec1688
Geo s of Thos bapt 15 Feb1692
Gyles s of Richd bapt 1 Aug1664
Henrie s of Henrie bapt 22 Julyl668
Henrie s of Richd Dalton bapt 1 Feb1671
Henry s of John bapt 1Mar1695
Henry s of Richd bapt 2Aug1627
Henry s of Thos bapt 2Dec1631
Humpherah s of Henry bapt 16Nov1671
Isabell Dalton d of PeterDalton and Marian hw bapt 18Aug1565
Isabell d of Tho bapt Feb41677
Jane d of Joh bapt 7Sept1684
Joh s of Tho senior bapt 8Dec1686
John bastard s of Eliz (entered twice once with bastard del) bapt 8Aug1643
John s of John bapt 6July1689
John s of John bapt 9Oct1679
John s of John carpinter bapt 23Oct1735
John s of John carpinter of Town Head and Jane (Mary in Trans) hw bapt 16June1773
John s of John husbmn and Eliz hw nee Todhunter bapt 21Jun1804
John s of John jun bapt 12Dec1698
John s of John taylor bapt 20Jul1719
John s of John yeom bapt 2Mar1704
John s of Jos bapt 12June1757
John s of Jos bapt 17Aug1760
John s of Richd bapt 11May1665
John s of Thos bapt lJanl670
John s of Thos junior bapt 20Augl693
Jos s of Hen bapt 23May1714
Jos s of Jos privat bapt 29Mar1765
Jos s of Thos sen bapt 10Sep1698
Lucy d of Geo bapt 28Apr1672
Margret d of Henrie and Dorothie hw bapt 20June1596
Margret d of Henry bapt 31Aug1718
Margret d of Tho bapt 7Dec1679
Margt d of Jo yeom bapt 4Nov1704
Margt d of John carpinter and Mary hw bapt 3July1777
Margt d of Jos bapt 31July1763
Margt d of Tho butcher bapt 20Aug1690
Marie d of Geo (inserted in later hand) bapt 16Apr1613
Mary d of Joh bapt 5May1686
Mary d of Joh bapt l Dec1678
Mary d of John bapt 17Nov1700
Isabell Dalton d of PeterDalton and Marian hw bapt 18Aug1565
Richd s of Ric bapt 2Oct1630
Richd s of Tho bapt 14Sep1684
Richd s of Thod bapt 10Aug1623
Robt s of Thos senior bapt 16June1697
Susand d of Thos bapt 20Nov1620
Tho s of Tho bapt 29Jan1681
Thos s of Jo taylor bapt 9July1724
Thos s of John carpinter bapt 27Dec1740
Thos s of John junior bapt 11Oct l693
Thos s of John of Town Head carpinter and Mary hw bapt 30Aprl772
Thos s of Jos and Mary hw bapt ll Oct1770
Thos s of Thos bapt 20Dec1628
Wm s of John husb'mn and Eliz hw nee Todhunter bapt 7Feb1808
Wm s of Jos bapt 2June1754
DALTONE Dorete d of Henrie bapt 6July1665
DALLTONE Ann d of John bapt 26Jan1689
DAULTON Luce d of Joh bapt 12Dec1676
BANKS Betty [Eliz] d of Thos and Margt hw nee Dalton bapt 6Nov1791

Anne m Thomas Armstrong of Appleby 4 Apr1762
Ann Dalton m William Stephenson 17Feb1719
Elizab m Martin Henry 26Nov1685
Eliz m Wharton John 29Jul 1728
Elizabeth m name Dalton 21 Jun 1804
Elizabeth m name Dalton 7 Feb 1808
Ellinor Jackson m John Dalton 28 Aug 1607
Isaac of Langwathby bach age 25 m Anne Robinson spr age 20 1Feb1808
John m Ellinor Jackson 28Aug1607
John m Ellinor More 18Nov1675
John m Ann Sanderson 15 Sept1715
John m. Mary Sanderson 20 Jun 1728
John  m Mary Crosby 18Nov1703
John and Eliz Todhunter of Woodside in Great Strickland banns 27Mar1803
John m Mary Todd of Morland 30Aug1767
Margt m Smith Robt 30May1619
Margt m. Robt Henry Martin 30 May 1619
Margt m Jackson Thomas 12May1715
Margt married name BANKS 6Nov1791
Margt age 21 m Robinson John age 23 of Bongate 3Feb1785
Mary m Myres John 26Sept1680
Mary m.  Crosby Thomas  25 Nov 1691
Mary m Horne Thos 30June1715
Mary m Todd Thos 2 Dec 1725
Mary m. Swainson Thos 2 Dec 1725
Mary m Robinson Jos husbandman 24June1805
Richard m Lambart Isabel 18 Sep 1588
Richd m Lambart Isabell 22Apr1647
Richd m Parkin Alese 20Sept1663
Thomas jun. m. Dent Margret of Brackinber1681
Dalton? m. Willm Gowling 6 Jun 1642

A stillborn child of Thos bur 12Sept1694
Anne bur 22Jan1763
Barbara d of John wright [carpenter] bur 1May1717
Dorothie wife of Henry Dalton bur 21Feb1622
Dorothie wife of Henry Dalton bur 21Jan1623
Dorothy d of Widdow bur 5July1685
Dorothy school-dame of Hackthorp bur 27May1744
Eleanor wife of John bur 9Oct1701
Elisabeth bur 1May1669
Eliz bur 29Aug1643
Eliz wife of Jo carpinter bur 22Aug1719
Geo bur 23Jan1677
Henry bur 11Jun1680
Henry bur 17Feb1628
Henry s of Geo bur 11Aug1675
Humphrey bur 28July1693
Isabell d to Peter Dalton and Marione hw bur 1Nov1570
Isabell wife of Richd senior bur 17July1679
Jane d of Joh bur 13Sept1684
John s of John wright bur 24Nov1699
Joh s of John bur 11Oct1679
John bur 30Apr1769
John carpinter bur 8Oct1727
John of Cliburn Head Housholder aged 64 yrs bur 23Sept1800
John of Town Head carpinter age 83 bur 25Dec1786
John s of John of Town Head carpenter and Mary hw aged l0 months bur 21Apr1774
John s of John bur 6July1742
John s of Jos bur 18Apr1760
John weaver bur July3 1716
Jos of King's Meaburn late of Cliburn age 83 bur 30Mar1800
Jos s of Tho senr bur 10Sept1698
Luce d of Joh bur 18Mar1677
Magdaline widdow bur 2Dec1729
Maglelin d of Peter Dalton and Marion hw bur 5Nov1569
Margt [pauper] bur 23Feb1742
Margt bur 9Feb1741
Margt d of Jo bur 7Mar1704
Margt d of John and Mary of Town Head age 2 yrs bur 22May1779
Mary d of Geo bur 17Sept1672
Mary d of Joh bur 16Dec1678
Mary of Cliburn Head widow aged 69 yrs bur 11Aug1802
Mary widow bur 23Dec1740
Mary wife of John bur l0July1768
Mary wife of Jos aged about 73 yrs bur 1Nov1796
Mary wife of Richd bur 15May1663
Ri (chard)s of Tho bur 6May1711
Richd bur 18Oct1665
Richd bur 25May1700
Richd junior bur 26Sep1684
Richd s of Joh bur 14Oct1679
Richd s of Tho bur 12Feb1712
Sarah d of Henry bur 10May1722
Thos senr bur 20Mar1726
Tho Anne his wife (Thos Dalton only in Trans inserted in a corner of 1673 bur 15Jan1702
Tho butcher bur 11Jun1729
Thos s of John of Town Head carpinter and Mary hw aged 2 months bur 14Jul1772
Eliz Robinson d of Jos and Mary hw late Dalton aged 12 months bur 17Oct1807
Gowlan Alice wife of Humferay Dalton of Temple Sowerby bur 17May1654

Crosby Ravensworth Parish Registers

DALTON Wm s of Jos Dalton of Maulds Meaburn and Margaret Wood Dalton hw  bapt1805
DALTON Jos m Margaret Wood 30 Jan1805
DALTON Mary w of Jos bur 30 Jul 1786

Kendal  Parish Registers

Dalton, Eliz d of John Dalton of Strickelande bapt11 Feb 1607
Dalton, Gawin s of Margrett Dalton of Stricklandroger Illegt bapt16 Apr 1628
Dalton, Isabell d of John Dalton of Selside bapt 18 Apr1618
Dalton, Jane d of John Dalton of Stricklandroger bapt 20 May1610
Dalton, Jas s of Thos Dalton of Skelsmergh bapt 25 Mar1627
Dalton, Mary d of Thos Dalton of Lyth in Scotland com de Landon bapt1630
Dalton, Sibell d of John Dalton of ye Forest bapt 3 Sep1620
Daltonn, Agnes d of John Daltonn of Staveley christened 1May1584

Dalton, John marr Elizabethe Collinson, Helsington 24 Dec 1596
Dalton, John of Strickland marr Margarett Fell 5 Aug 1599

Lamplugh Parish Registers

DALTON Anne m Wood Henry 15Jun1696

Milburn Parish Registers

DALTON Mary d of Humphrey Dalton weaver & Mary bapt 7 Dec1780
COULTHARD John & Thomas s of William husbandman & Lucy Dalton Coulthard bapt 11May1794
DALTON Lucy (nee name) w of COULTHARD William 11May1794
DALTON Jas 1824

Newton Reigny Parish Registers

Dalton Henry  m Boak, Mary 28June1716
Dalton Thos 20Oct1793)


14 Oct 1820, b. 12 Nov 1829 c., Sarah Dalton, dau of John and Jane Racock Dalton; Paternoster Row Wesleyan Methodist Registry, London

DALTON Thomas marr Mabell Roblie 1602Aug22

DALTON Elizabeth wife of Wm Dalton bur1647Nov17
DALTON Jane widdow bur1612Aug12

St. Giles, Gt. Orton Parish Registers

DALTON Ruth m GILL Robt  Wetheral 11Feb1790
DALTON Thos of Corby of Haton m Jane 6Feb1624

DALTON Jos 28Apr1796
DALTON Richd 9Nov1801

Skelton Parish Registers

DALTON Ann d Joseph & Mary bapt 4Mar1732
DALTON Thos s of Joseph of Skelton [ Mary ET] bapt 16Mar1734
DALTON John s Joseph & Mary bapt 13Jan1736
DALTON Joseph s Robt Red-dyke bapt 2Dec1757
DALTON Mary d of Geo Eliz bapt 29Dec1776
DALTON Joseph s of Joseph of Skelton husb & Hannah bapt 8May1785
DALTON Mary d Joseph Skelton pauper & Hannah (Todhunter) bapt 17Jan1788
DALTON Mary d of Geo Eliz bapt 29Dec1776
COULTHARD Mary d Wm Unthank Inn-keeper & Lucia (Dalton) bapt 16Jun1786
COULTHARD Sarah & Eliz d of Wm of Unthank innkeeper & Lucia (Dalton) bapt 3Feb1788

DALTAN Ann m Murthwait John 30 Jan1766
DALTON Ann m Steel Jos 26Jun1774
DALTON Anne m Moses Thos 8Feb1784
DALTON Jane m Nicholson Wm 11 Nov1795
DALTON Jos husbandman and Wr (70) m Hannah Todhunter (37) 11May1783
DALTON Lucia married name COULTHARD 16Jun1786
DALTON Lucia married name COULTHARD 3Feb1788
DALTON Martha m Sewell John 21Dec1790
DALTON Martha married name SEWEL 20Mar1797
DALTON Martha married name SEWEL 25Dec1799
DALTON Martha married name SEWEL 28Jun1803
DALTON Martha married name SEWEL 5Oct1794

DALTON Jos 30Jan1766
DALTON Mary w of Jos of Skelton 81,bur 20 Feb1778
DALTON Robt 8Feb1784
DALTON Jos of Skelton a pauper 84 bur 22Dec1788
DALTON Thos s Jos 16 bur Nov 1737

Wigton Parish Registers

Dalton, Elizab d Rich Dalton of Wigton bapt  20 Jul 1755
Dalton, Jane d Richard Dalton of Wigton bapt 21 Oct
Dalton, Jno s Richard Dalton of Wigton bapt Oct 6 1743
Dalton, John s John Dalton dyer Wigton & Sarah Furnas Dalton, born Aug12th pre: bapt 13 Sep 1793
Joseph spur s Jos Fletcher & Jane Dalton of Wigton bapt 11 Dec 1763
Dalton, Martha d Richard Dalton of Wigt bapt7Sept1746
Dalton, Nancy d Thomas & Jane Dalton farmer at Blaithwaite bapt 1 Jun 1769
Dalton, Richard s John Dalton Wigton Bumfoot & Sarah Furnas Dalton born Apr 10th pre: bapt 13 May 1796
Dalton, Richard s Rich Dalton of Wigton bapt 3 Jul 1753
Dalton, Thos s Richd Dalton of Wigton bapt 21 Nov 1762
Joseph s Joseph Martindale atty at law Wigton & Elisabeth Dalton Martindale born Sept11th pre bapt1 Nov 1789
Thomas s Joseph Martindale Attorney at Law Wigton & Elisabeth Dalton Martindale born August 19th pre bapt1 Jan 1788
William s Joseph Martindale Atty at Law Wigton & Elisabeth Dalton Martindale bornAug 8th pre :bapt 4 Sep 1795

Marriages 1728-81
Dalton, Elisabeth s-w aged 23 both of this parissh by licence marr Joseph Martindale batch aged 26, 21 Mar 1779
Dalton, James widower marr Jsabel Irwin widow both of this psh by licence 31 Jul 1766

Dalton, Josephus de Wigton bur 1715Feb29
Dalton,Ann wife Rich Dalton of Wig buried14 Jun 1746
Dalton, Elisabeth wife Richard Dalton dyer Wigton aged 59 buried 20 Aug 1777
Dalton, Frances d Richard & Elizabeth Dalton Wigton buried18 Oct 1767
Dalton, James Innkeeper Wigton aged 55 buried 18 Nov 1774
Dalton , Jane d Richard & Elizabeth Dalton, Burnfoot in Wigton buried 1 Jan 1777
Dalton, Martha Wigton buried1761 Jan30


NB Year is year probate granted

1860 Christopher Dalton, Whitehaven, will
1827 Elizabeth Dalton, Whitehaven, will and administration
1651 Henry Dalton, Brigham, will and administration
1652 Henry Dalton, Brigham, will, administration and inventory
1673 Henry Dalton, Brigham - Eaglesfield, will, administration and inventory
1778 Henry Dalton, Brigham - Eaglesfield, will
1847 Henry Dalton, Brigham - Eaglesfield, will
1649 Henry Dalton, Cockermouth, administration and inventory
1653 Henry Dalton Jnr, Brigham
1653 Henry Dalton Snr, Brigham
1877 Henry George Dalton, Whitehaven, will
1636 John Dalton, Brigham, admninistration and inventory
1753 John Dalton, Brigham - Eaglesfield, administration
1758 John Dalton, Brigham - Eaglesfield, will
1831 John Dalton, Cockermouth, will and administration
1727 John Dalton, Lorton - Upper, will, administration and inventory
1704 John Dalton, St Bees - Sandwith, will, administration and inventory
1729 John Dalton, Whitehaven, administration
1674 John Dalton, Workington, will, administration and inventory
1786 Jonathon Dalton, Brigham, will


DALTON Edward farmer Low Row Haltcliff
DALTON Eliz yeoman Cliburn
DALTON Geo tanner New St Wigton
DALTON Geo yeoman Stone Know West Scaleby
DALTON Henry butcher Burrowgate Penrith
DALTON Henry farmer Eaglesfield
DALTON Jas farmer Milbourne
DALTON Jas plasterer/glazier Gullonholme
DALTON John corn merchant/miller Cummersdale
DALTON John tailor Great Dockray Penrith
DALTON John yeoman Fellside Caldbeck Low
DALTON John yeoman Highside Bassenthwaite
DALTON John yeoman Stone Know West Scaleby
DALTON Jos farmer Low Crosby
DALTON Jos joiner/carpenter Edenhall
DALTON Jos yeoman Mauld's Meaburn
DALTON Margaret Close House Westlinton
DALTON Richard currier/leather cutter Tenters Wigton
DALTON Richard yeoman Barr Close West Scaleby
DALTON Sarah Burnfoot Wigton
DALTON Susan clog/patten maker Botchergate Carlisle
DALTON Thos butcher Shield House Carlisle
DALTON Thos farmer Cargo
DALTON Wm butcher Rickergate Carlisle
DALTON Wm farmer Harbour Flatt Murton
DALTON Wm farmer Lamonby
DALTON Wm parish clerk Irthington
DALTON Wm tailor Warwick Bridge
DALTON Wm yeoman Dalston
DALTON Wm yeoman Edenhall


DALTON (IRVIN & ) joiner/cabinet mkr 28 Chapel St W'haven
DALTON Ann milliner/dressmkr 42 Main St C'mouth
DALTON Chris joiner/bldr 28 Plumblands Lane W'haven
DALTON Edw farmer Low Row Haltcliff
DALTON Geo currier Burn Foot Wigton
DALTON Geo draper/hosier/hat dlr 5&6 Green Market Carlisle
DALTON J farmer High Burnthwaite
DALTON Jane academy Gt Dockray Penrith
DALTON Jas currier 46 Lowther St Carlisle
DALTON Jno yeoman Fellside
DALTON John agent Nent Head
DALTON John stay maker Gt Dockray Penrith
DALTON John yeoman High Side Bassenthwaite
DALTON John & Son cotton spinners/corn mi].lers Cummersdale
DALTON John P railway clerk 15 Henry St Carlisle
DALTON Jos boot/shoe maker 35 Annetwell St Carlisle
DALTON Margaret yeoman Mount Westlinton
DALTON Margaret Mrs Close House Westlinton
DALTON Mary butcher Rickergate Carlisle
DALTON Mary schoolmistress Mount Westlinton
DALTON Nicholas clogger Warwick Bridge
DALTON R & G tanner Bog Wigton
DALTON Richd tanner Burn Foot Wigton
DALTON Richd & Geo currier Tenters Wigton
DALTON Sarah baker/flour dlr Reed's Lane Carlisle
DALTON Thos farmer Bar Close
DALTON Thos farmer Cargo
DALTON Thos Rev 17 Irish St W'haven
DALTON Wm farmer Cargo
DALTON Wm farmer Priory Hesket
DALTON Wm joiner Edenhal]
DALTON Wm surgeon Lowther St Carlisle
DALTON Wm tailor Warwick Bridge
DALTON Wm vict Newgate How Bound
DALTON Wm yeoman Edenhall
DALTON Wm yeoman Stone Know


Irvin & Dalton, joiner/cabinet maker, 28 Chapel St, Whitehaven
Ann Dalton, milliner/dressmaker, 42 Main St, Cockermouth
Chris Dalton, joiner/builder, 28 Plumblands Lane, Whitehaven
Edward Dalton, farmer, Low Row, Haltcliff
George Dalton, currier, Burn Foot, Wigton
George Dalton, draper/hosier/hat dealer, 5 & 6 Green Marker, Carlisle
J Dalton, farmer, High Burnthwaite
Jane Dalton, academy, Great Dockray, Penrith
James Dalton, currier, 46 Lowther St, Carlisle
John Dalton, yeoman, Fellside
John Dalton, agent, Nent Head
John Dalton, stay maker, Great Dockray, Penrith
John Dalton, yeoman, High Side, Bassenthwaite
John Dalton & Son, cotton spinners/corn miller, Cummersdale
John P Dalton, railway clerk, 15 Henry St, Carlisle
Joseph Dalton, boot/shoe maker, 35 Annetwell St, Carlisle
Margaret Dalton, yeoman, Mount Westlinton
Mrs Margaret Dalton, Close House, Westlinton
Nicholas Dalton, clogger, Warwick Bridge
R & G Dalton, tanners, Bog Wigton
Richard Dalton, tanner, Burn Foot Wigton
Richard & George Dalton, curriers, Tenters Wigton
Sarah Dalton, baker/flour dealer, Reed's Lane, Carlisle
Thomas Dalton, farmer, Bar Close
Thomas Dalton, farmer, Cargo
Rev Thomas Dalton, 17 Irish St, Whitehaven
William Dalton, farmer, Cargo
William Dalton, farmer, Priory Hesket
William Dalton, joiner, Edenhall
William Dalton, surgeon, Lowther St, Carlisle
William Dalton, tailor, Warwick Bridge
William Dalton, victualler, Newgate How Bound
William Dalton, yeoman, Edenhall
William Dalton, yeoman, Stone Know


DALTON Geo post office Langwathby
DALTON Henry (yeoman) Lamonby
DALTON Jas joiner and builder Gt Corby
DALTON Jas joiner builder Warwick
DALTON Jas postmaster Edenhall
DALTON Jas Rosley Rigg Rosley
DALTON John & Sons cotton spinners Cummersdale Carlisle
DALTON John & Sons cotton spinners Cummersdale mill
DALTON John (yeoman) Fellside Caldbeck High
DALTON John gardener and contractor Papcastle
DALTON John grocer 14 Castle St Carlisle
DALTON John Jas grocer Post office Botcherby
DALTON John joiner Warwick
DALTON John Robt beerhouse White Ox Inn St Nicholas St Carlisle
DALTON Joseph Noble h 72 South Petteril St Carlisle
DALTON Lancelot cowkeeper Raby Grange Holme East Waver
DALTON Mary L postmistress Langwathby
DALTON Millan (B Dalton & Son) h 14 Victoria place Carlisle
DALTON Miss Eliz confectioner 53 Main st Keswick
DALTON Miss Eliza Ann apartments 18 Cecil st Carlisle
DALTON Mrs Eliz Long park West Scaleby
DALTON Mrs Hannah vict Masons' Arms South John St Carlisle
DALTON Mrs Jane vict King's Arms Brow Top Bustabeck Bound
DALTON Mrs L 11 Corkickle W'haven
DALTON Mrs Sarah Burntfoot Wigton
DALTON Mrs Standing Stone Wigton
DALTON Pattinson Browhouse Cummersdale
DALTON Richard husbandman Bonners Caldbeck High
DALTON Richard railway guard 20 Grey St Carlisle
DALTON Richard vict/farmer Goose Green High Bound
DALTON Robt & Son auctioneers 6 Castle St Botchergate Carlisle
DALTON Robt (Robt Dalton & Son) h 14 Victoria place Carlisle
DALTON Robt Moss house West Scaleby
DALTON Thos gardener and nurseryman Chapel Hill Wreay
DALTON Thos Jack house Stockdalewath Bound
DALTON Wm Rose villa Bradley
DALTON Wm St Helena St John Beckermet
DALTON Wm vict Greyhound Inn Cotehill

Annals of Kendal

DALTON Thomas nominated Recorder 1684/85


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