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This file was extracted by Eira Makepiece of Bristol, England.

Dalton, Mathew, son of Thomas, Brigstock, Northamptonshire, gardener, to Edward Oram, 8 Apr 1640, Farriers' Company

Dalton, Edward, son of Andrew, Curbridge (Witney), Oxfordshire, husbandman, to John Skynner, 25 Mar 1643, Armourers' and Braziers' Company

Dalton, Thomas, son of James, Stourbridge, Worcestershire to Thomas Iseted Jan 1649/50, Apothecaries' Company

Dalton, William, son of John, Chatham, Kent, shipwright (deceased), to Robert Taverner, 16 Jan 1650/1, Farriers' Company

Jordan, James, son of Richard, Walthamstow, Essex, carpenter (deceased), to Edward Dalton, 29 Sep 1655, Armourers' and Braziers' Company

Dalton, James, son of James, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, gentleman to Thomas Iseted 28 Mar 1655, Apothecaries' Company

Bate, Henry, son of Humphrey, Kinver, Somerset, yeoman to Thomas Dalton 6 Jul 1658, Apothecaries' Company

Ashton, Thomas, son of Ralph, ', Hartford', Warwickshire, husbandman, to William Dalton, 24 Oct 1660, Farriers' Company

Dalton, John, son of Andrew, Curbridge, Oxfordshire, husbandman, to John Skynner, 9 Oct 1662, Gunmakers' Company

Lloyd, Simon, son of Edward, Oxford, Oxfordshire to Thomas Dalton 1 May 1666, Apothecaries' Company

Birch, John, son of Thomas, Harborne, Somerset, to James Dalton 4 Nov 1662. [6 Oct 1668 turned over to Henry Barker, citizen and apothecary], Apothecaries' Company

Catchpole, John, son of William, London, citizen and salter, to James Dalton 2 Feb 1668/9, Apothecaries' Company

Dalton, Percy, son of Terrill, Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire, gentleman, to Henry Whetstone, 29 Oct 1686, Waxchandlers' Company

Laxon, Jonas Cole, son of James, St Olave Southwark, Surrey, tailor, to Andrew Dalton, 29 Apr 1710, Broderers' Company

Dallton, George, son of John, St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, horsecourser to John Tanner, 3 Oct 1711, Paviors' Company

Pearse, Rowland, son of Thomas, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, tailor, to Thomas Dalton, 29 Jun 1721, Plumbers' Company

Dalton, Abraham, son of John, Wrotham, Kent, yeoman (deceased), to Thomas Baker, 16 Sep 1723, Plaisterers' Company

Dalton, George, 12 Jul 1725, Glaziers' Company

Dalton, Thomas, son of Thomas, Shadwell, Middlesex, labourer, to Isaac Spring, 3 Oct 1728, Pattenmakers' Company

Dennis, Paul, son of David, St Sepulchre, London, dyer (deceased), to John Dalton, 12 Apr 1736, Glovers' Company

Duffin, Charles, son of Thomas, St Sepulchre, tobacconist to Thomas Dalton 6 April 1739, Pattenmakers' Company

Dalton, Jonah, son of Thomas, West Allen Dale, Northumberland, carpenter (deceased), to John Dalton, 3 May 1743, Glovers' Company

Ireland, Edward, son of Thomas, Albrighton, Shropshire, esq., to John Dalton, 28 Apr 1744, Brewers' Company

Dalton, Joseph, son of John, Deptford, Kent, victualler (deceased), to John Dudine, 23 Apr 1751, Plaisterers' Company

Dalton, Stephen, son of George, Houghton le Spring, Durham, to Stephen Preacher, 24 Jun 1751, Bowyers' Company

Dalton, Thomas, son of Prince, Egham, Surrey, farmer to Sunnybank Giles 15 Feb 1753, Coachmakers' and Coach Harness Makers' Company

Dalton, Thomas (14), son of Thomas, Kingston, Surrey, cordwainer (deceased), to Thomas Bothel, 29 Sep 1755, Cooks' Company

Dalton, Thomas, son of Abraham, to his father, 13 Jun 1764, Gardeners' Company

Wacket, William, son of Charles, Deptford, Kent, gardener, to Abraham Dalton, 9 Jan 1765, Gardeners' Company

Hammond John, son of John, Greenwich, Kent, brewer, to Abraham Dalton, 29 May 1765, Gardeners' Company

Dalton Thomas, son of Prince, Egham, Surrey, gamekeeper, to Samuel Butler (Great Queen Street), 8 Jun 1769, Coachmakers' and Coach Harness Makers' Company

Matthew Mark, son of Mark, Greenwich, Kent, carpenter, to Abraham Dalton, 13 Jan 1773, Gardeners' Company

Dalton, William, son of Thomas, Pall Mall, Middlesex, gentleman, to John Wilkinson, 15 Dec 1777, Spectaclemaker's Company

Dalton William, son of William, St Luke, Middlesex, waterman, to John Crawford, 19 Nov 1777, Armourers' and Braziers' Company

Dalton, Abraham, son of Abraham, citizen and gardener, to Martha Cullingworth, widow, 7 Jan 1778, Woolmen's Company

Dalton, William, son of Abraham, to his father, 11 Jul 1781, Gardeners' Company

Dalton, James, son of Joseph, to his father, 1 Oct 1782, Plaisterers' Company

Meek, John, son of John, Hackney, Middlesex, gardener, to Abraham Dalton, 8 Jan 1783, Gardeners' Company

Dalton, Philip, son of ..., Plaistow, Essex, wheelwright(?), to ... Benham . ... 1784, Tinplate Workers' Company

Dalton, Richard Hill, son of William, Smithfield, London, salesman, to Thomas Jeffs, 22 May 1786 [turned over to his father, citizen and innholder], Carmens' Company



1794 Directory  Kent

Dalton James, Grocer & Tea dealer, Hackney

Dalton & Barber, Linen drapers, 28, Cheapside

Wright Tho., Esq., Alderman, 30, Abchurch-lane

Wrights [sic] Gill, Son & Dalton, Stationers, Ditto


1794 Directory

Reverend James Edward Dalton Seagrave, 6 Aug 1866 ------ commsion for land grants

(No.1781, Sunday, May 16, 1830.)


London  Wills

The following list of  London Wills date from 1729-1853.  Lists are continually updated by the Public Record Office and may be checked for new entries at their internet site:

 20 February 1729, Will of Andrew Dalton, Banker of All Hallows Lombard Street, City of London, Prob 11/627

14 November 1737, Will of Richard Dalton, Blacksmith of London, Prob 11/686

2 July 1756, Will of John Dalton, Tailor of St Batholomew London, Prob 11/823

17 August 1869, Will of Sarah Dalton, Widow of Saint Catherine Creechurch, City of London, Prob 11/950

31 January 1769, Will of James Dalton, Watchmaker, Broker and Goldsmith of Old Bethelem, City of London, Prob 11/945

8 July 1784, Will of Thomas Dalton, Broker of Saint Peter Cornhill, City of London, Prob 11/1119

16 December 1797, Will of Edward Dalton, Linen Draper of Cheapside, City of London, Prob 11/1299

20 February 1823, Will of Joseph Dalton Dewick, Printer and Stationer of St. Giles without Cripplegate, City of London, Prob 11/1666

24 March 1832, Will of Thomas Dalton, otherwise Thomas Daltton Craig, otherwise Dalton Craig, of No 105 Bishopsgate Street, City of London, Prob11/1796

23 Oct 1844, Will of Doctor John Dalton, Doctor of Civil Law, Fellow of the Royal Society of London of Manchester, Lancashire, Prob11/2006

20 January 1853, Will of John Sparks Dalton, Clerk in the Provincial Bank of Ireland at London, Prob 11/2165

14 November 1853, Will of Philip Tuite Dalton, Lieutenant in the pay of Lancers of Saint James's London, Prob 11/2180


Index of Middlesex Wills

The following Dalton Wills cover the period 1715 to 1853 in Middlesex..  They may be ordered from the Public Record Office, London by using the attached Catalogue Number.

8 Aug 1715, Theobald Dalton, Gentleman of Saint Andrews Holborn.  Prob 11/547
15 Dec 1731, Richard Dalton of Saint James'  Westminster.  Prob. 11/648
22 Feb 1742, Christopher Dalton, Gentleman of Saint Andrews Holborn.  Prob 11/716
23 Mar 1745, George Dalton, mariner of Saint John Wapping.  Prob 11/738

9 Apr 1757, Hellen or Helen Dalton, widow of Stepney. Prob 11/829
19 Dec 1759, Francis Dalton, Gentleman of St. Ann's Westminster.  Prob 11/851
29 Mar 1768, Catherine Dalton or Dulton, widow of St. Ann's Westminster. Prob 11/937
15 May 1771, Christina/Christan Dalton of Saint George, Hanover Square. Prob 11/967

29 Feb 1780, Robert Dalton, taylor, Saint Leonard Shoreditch. Prob 11/1061
24 Apr 1781, Jane Dalton, spinster, Saint George, Hanover Square. Prob 11/1076
22 Oct 1782, Esther Dalton, wife of Isleworth.  Prob 11/1096
14 Apr 1788, Reverend James Dalton, Rector, clerk of Great Stanmore. Prob 11/1164

3 Jul 1789, John Dalton of Saint John Clerkenwell. Prob 11/1181
9 Feb 1791, Richard Dalton of Isleworth. Prob 11/1201
14 Sep 1792,Christopher Dalton of Arlington Street.  Prob 11/1222
20 Sep 1793, John Dalton, Gentleman, Sain Giles in the Fields.  Prob 11/1236

7 Jul 1796, Ann Dalton of Paddington.  Prob 11/1277
11 Apr 1797, Rebecca Dalton, widow, Bunhill Row, Saint Luke.  Prob 11/1288
10 Jun 1797, John Dalton, mathematical instrument maker of Saint Andrew Holborn.  Prob 11/1292
15 Jul 1799, William Dalton, caulker of Stepney.  Prob 11/1326

14 Aug 1800, Mark Dalton, butcher of Marleybone.  Prob 11//1346
15 Jun 1803, Mary Dalton, widow, Kensington Square. Prob 11/1394
11 Apr 1807, Thomas Dalton, breeches maker, Saint Mary, Islington. Prob 11/1459
27 Apr 1807, Katherine/Katharine/ Catherine/Catharine Dalton widow Saint Marleybone. Prob 11/1459

16 Dec 1807, Ann Dalton, widow of Paddington. Prob. 11/1471
5 Feb 1811, Thomas Dalton, Saint George, Hanover Square. Prob 11/1519
8 Jul 1813, Elizabeth Dalton of Great Stanmore.  Prob 11/1546
19 Feb 1818, Sarah Dalton, widow of Saint Dunstans, Stepney. Prob 11/1601

30 Dec 1819, Francis Dalton, Gentleman of Clapton.  Prob 11/1623
16 Apr 1821, Betty Dalton, widow of St. Pancras. Prob 11/164
1 Dec 1826, James Dalton, Gentleman of Bethnal Green. Prob 11/1719
6 Nov 1727, George Edward Dalton, bookbinder, May Buildings, Saint Martins Lane.  Prob11/1732

7 Aug 1828, Edward Dalton, Gentleman of No. 65, Lower Grosvenor Street. Prob 11/ 1744
21 Jan 1832, Sarah Dalton, widow of Islington.  Prob 11/1794
1 Feb 1834, George Dalton, laborer, Heston.  Prob 11/1827
18 Jul 1834, Joseph Dalton, Gentleman of Poplar.  Prob 11/1833

13 Apr 1835, Sophia Dalton, wife of York Street, Portman Square. Prob 11/1845
4 Sep 1837, Catherin Dalton, wife, Westminster. Prob 11/1884
15 Dec 1837, John Dalton, tailor of No 8 Tavistock Row, Covent Garden City of Westminster, Prob 11/1887
15 Feb 1838, William Dalton Hoghton, Gentleman, Saint Marleybone.  Prob 11/1890

22 Oct 1838, Charlotte Eleanor Dalton, wife, Manchester Street, Manchester Square.  Prob 11/1901
15 May 1841, Ann Dalton, Saint Dunstan, Stepney.  Prob 11/1945
15 Feb 1842, William Dalton, glass maker, St. Mary Lambeth.  Prob 11/1957
13 Apr 1843, Joseph Mounchier Dalton, carpenter, 23 Pear Tree Street, Goswell Street.  Prob 11/1977

11 Jan 1847, Thomas Dalton of Bunhill Row.  Prob 11/2048
21 Apr 1849, Charles Dalton, commercial traveller, No. 2 Robert Street, Adelphi. Prob 11/2091
28 Jul 1854, George Dalton, Captain of the Corps of Royal Engineers of Hayes. Prob 11/2194


Middlesex County, England

Parish Marriage Records

1603, May 2,  John Daulton and Rodie Alhead, parish Enfield

1641, Sep.1,  Henry Dalton and Alice Sunnibank, parish Stanwell

1714, Aug 8, Thomas Dalton and Ruth Greaves, parish Edmonton

1761, Jan. 14, John Dolton of Holwall, Bedford and Mary Billings (widow), parish Twickenham


1764, Jun 28, Richard Dalton of St. James, Westminster and Esther De Huelle, Licensed, parish Tottenham

1770, Nov 5, William Dalton and Mary Thompson, parish Monken Hadley, Licensed

1802, Nov 12, James Dalton and Frances (Farney) Spenser, parish Hillingdon, both of Uxbridge

1806, Dec 27, George Dalton and Elizabeth Burt, parish Heston


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