There were few Daltons in Maryland and records are scarce for those who were. The 1880 Census shows that 32 Daltons were born in MD and enumerated in MD whereas another 30 Daltons who were born in MD had moved out of state and were enumerated elsewhere.  There are 450 surname entries in this file and your contributions are welcome.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.




CENSUS INDICES - 1810 & 1850






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County Map of Maryland:



21 Jun 1849 (birth), James A. Dalton son of James M. and Elizabeth Jane Burris Dalton

Baltimore, St. Johns Parish

20 Aug 1815 (b. 2 Apr 1814), Elizabeth Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
20 Aug 1815, (b. 16 Jan 1812) Mary Ann Dalton, dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
(These two children are also listed as being christened at Trinity Street Protestant Episcopal)

Baltimore, Trinity Street Protestant Episcopal

20 Aug 1615, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton



8 May 1855, James Dalton and Julia Hannan


22 Nov 1800, Catharine Dolton and Daniel Mc Mede
26 Sep 1807, Nathan Dolton and Abelona Ellsrod
19 May 1820, Anna Maria Dalton and Bernard U. Campbell
10 Jun 1834, Peter Dalton and Alice Hartigan
29 Jun 1848, James M. Dalton and Eliza Jane Burrows
20 Aug 1849, John Dalton and Catharine Kelley
13 Jan 1851, James Dalton and Ellen Deverreaug

Baltimore, Christ Church Parish, Chase and St. Paul Streets

1 Jul 1847, Charles F. Dalton and Elmira F. Spencer

Baltimore, First Methodist Episcopal

20 Jan 1798, Goerge Dalton and Catharine Vinny
12 Apr 1811, Thomas Dalton and Polly Miller
21 Mar 1833, James Dalton and Eliza Baxley

Baltimore, Zion Gernam Church, Gay Street and Courthouse Plaza

20 Aug 1816, Jane Delton and Anthony Faveer

Frederick, Evangelical Lutheran Church

12 May 1778, Hannah Dalton and Thomas Farroll

Prince Georges

4 Jun 1781, Henry Dolton and Eleanor Russell


10 May 1710, John Dalton and Mary Margaret Nicks
24 Dec 1712, Sarah Dalton and Joseph Nicks

CENSUS INDICES, 1810 and 1850    Top

Daltons were found in the only in 1810 and 1850 Index.


Baltimore County
Edward Dolton, Pipe Creek and North

Charles County
James Dulton


Baltimore County
Ward 4
Winny Dalton
Ward 5
John B. Dalton
Catharine Dalton
Ward 10
Catherine Dalton
Edward Dalton
Ward 18
Charles F. Dalton

Prince Georges
Mr. Dalton, Piscataway District

1880 CENSUS    Top

Section I  Daltons who were enumerated in Maryland

Allegany County
John Dalton, coal miner, 36, b. IRE; wife Ellen, 30, b. IRE;  five children - Francis 10 and Ester 9, b. PA;  Joseph 4, John 2, and Mary l. 1 mo. b. MD

Baltimore County
District 3
Mary E. Dalton, servant, B, 19; Ellinore Dalton, servant, 14; and William Dalton, B, 17, all on farm of Isaac Slingluff and all three b. in MD and parents b. MD

Baltimore City
Precinct 1, Ward 9
Charles Dalton lab., W, 19, b. MD, parents b. IRE; enumerated under F. W. Stockman, restaurant

Precinct 2, Ward 3
Ellen Dalton, seamstress, widow, 49,W, b. IRE;  son Michael, factory wkr., b. MD, 16;  dau Bridget 9, b. MD.

Precinct 3, Ward 8
John B. Dalton, park wkr., 53, b. IRE; wife Bridget, 63, b. IRE.
James Dalton, iron moulder, 22, b. East Indies, parents b. East Indies; cousin to William Raferty, expressman.

Precinct 8, Ward 19
May Dalton, 19, serv., b. W. PA, parents b. PA; enumerated in household of James O. Bates, jeweler

Fanny Dolton, B, 30, Serv, b. MD, parents b. MD; enumerated in household of Pere W. Hanson

Caroline County
Robert Dalton, farmer, 46, W, b. MD, fa. b. DE, mo. b. MD;  wife Sarah, 29, W, b. MD, parents b. MD;   three children b. MD - Orlando 17, farm lab;  Lydia 4 mos., and Mathew 6.

Charles County
Harris Lot
John T. Dalton, farmer, 39, W, b. MD, parents b. MD;  wife J. Alice, 29, b. MD, parents b. MD;  four children b. MD - Elesabeth 9;  Hattie 8;  Jenny 6;  Edward 4;  sister L. A. Dalton, 22, b. MD.

Harford County
James Dalton, farmer, 52, b. IRE; wife Ellen, 52, b. IRE; three children b. MD - James F. works on farm, 21;  Mary B. 16;  Eugenia 12.

Halls Cross Roads
Patrick Dalton, rr hand, 30, b. IRE; enumerated under Hattie E. Keen.
Gennie Dalton, serv., 20, b. MD, parents b. MD; enumerated under Benedict H. Keen, farmer,
Fannie Dalton, serv., 18, b. MD, parents b. MD; enumerated under John H. Michael, grocer.

John B. Dolton, farmer, 62, b. IRE; wife Catherine 49, b. IRE;  seven children b. MD - Margaret J. 24;  Sarah A. 21;  John T. 19, lab.;  William J. lab., 17;  Hannah E. 15;  Fanny T. 12;  and Joseph Peter 9.

James Dalton, farmer, 30, b. MD, fa. b. ME, mo. b. MD;  wife Hannah S. 24, b. PA, parents b. PA; dau Anna P. 3 mos., b. PA.  other Sarah J. Scott, 9 b. PA, parents b. PA, servant.

Kent County
Alice Dalton, other, 13, b. WA, parents b. WA; and Frank B. Dalton, other 10, b. WA and parents
b. PA;  eumerated in household of Carrie Sutton.

Section II  Daltons who were born in Maryland and enumerated elsewhere. Oranized by state of enumeration.

San Francisco County
San Francisco
Ulixes S. Dalton, 30 b. MD, fa. b. FRA, mo. b. VA enumerated under John F. Young, lodgings.

New Castle County
Daniel Dalton, lab., B, 53, b. MD, parents b. MD;  wife Hester, 42, B, b. MD, parents b. MD;  seven children - Thomas, lab, 23, Warner, lab., 20, John, lab., 17 and Mary A. 15, all b. MD;  U. S. Grant 12, Georgia 7, and Amelia 5 all b. DE;  g sons George 12, b. DE, fa. b. GER, mo. b. MD; and Edward 12, b. DE, fa. b. DE, mo. b. MD.

Cook County
Charles H. Dolton, farmer, 54, b. OH, fa. b. MD, mo. b. PA;  wife S. Ellen 43, b. MD, fa. b. SCOT, mo. b. MD;  seven children b. IL - Mary E. 22;  Emma L. 19;  Catharine L. 17;  William G. 14; Ellen J. 12; Parmelia G. 6;  and Harold E. 2.

Mc Lean County
Bloomington, Ward 5
Henry Dalton, engineer, 42, b. MD, parents b. IRE; wife Ellen, 38, b. CAN; four children b. IL - Harry 12;  Minnie 10;  Agie 5;  Frank 2.

Clinton County
John Dalton, blacksmith, 66, b.NY, parents b. IRE;  wife Eliza 42, b. MD, parents b. IRE; six children - Stephen, tinsmith, 19, b. IL,; Margaret E., dressmaker, 15, b. IL; Frank 13, b. IL;  John Edwin, 11; b. IL;  Agnes 9, b. IA;  George 8, b. IA;  Katherine 5, b. IA;  William 3, b. IA.

Mahaska County
Sarah Dalton, house keeper, 20, b. MD, parents b. ENG.

Orelans County
New Orleans
Sarah Dalton, widow, 58, b. MD, parents b. MD;  dau Carrie, 24, b. LA, fa. b. VA;  two gr children - John l. 5,  Edna W. 4.

Lenawee County
Polly Dalton, widow, 74, b. MD, fa. b. NY, mo. b. MD;  three children b. MI - Mary 43;  John W. 35; Lewis E., mar.,  31, b. MI;  dau in law, Ella A. 28, b. MI, parents b. MA;  two gr. children b. MI - Kenneth 2;  Dorothy 4 mos.

Clinton County
Edwin S. Dalton, farmer, 45, b. KY, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MD;  wife Sallie, 39, b. KY, parents b. KY;  five children b. MO - Mary P 19;  Harry B. 17;  Robert L. 13;  Edward H. 6;  William P. 4;  father Francis P., mar., 73, b. KY, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. VA;  mother Keziah, 69, b. MD, fa. b. MD, mo. b. OH.

Marion County
Mary E. Dalton, widow, 43, b. MD, parents b. MD; two children b. MO - Henry E. 15;
Anna W. 13.

James W. Daulton, farmer, 58, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. NY;  wife Mary E. 53, b. MD, parents b. MD;  two children b. MO -Soabrina E. 22;  Elizabeth N. 20.

Mississippi County
Wm. Dalton, farmer, B., 40, b. MD, fa. b. TN, mo. b. AL;  wife MArgaret B, 35, b. MD, fa. b. TN, mo. b. AL; six children b. MD - Frank 14;  John 13;  Ben 11; Ella 10; Ada 5; Lindsay 2.

Saunder County
Clear Creek
Edward Dalton, stone mason, 46, b. IRE, parents b. IRE;  wife Mary M., 32, b. MD, parents b. PRU;  six children - Mary 13, b. IA; five b. NE - Catherine 9;  Edmund 7;  John 6;  James J. 3;  Hannah 1; brother John, stone mason, 56, b. IRE.

Essex County
Eliza Dalton, widow, 67, b. IRE; son John T., 20 b. MD, fa. b. IRE.

Kings County
Wm. J. Dalton, grocer, 32, b. IRE; wife Mary, 28, b. MD, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. ENG;  four children b. NY - Wm. 6;  Annie 4;  Nellie 3;  Mary 6 mos.

New York County
New York City
Mary Dalton, Sister of Charity, 25, b. MD, parents b. GER; enumerated under Mary Ely.

Miami County
Daniel Dalton, farmer, 72, b. MD, parents b. MD;  wife Charlotte, 68, b. NJ, parents b. NJ.

Vinton County
Wm. Dalton, farmer, 57, b. MD, fa. b. ENG., mo. b. GER;  wife Mahala, b. OH, parents b. OH;  eight children b. OH - Mary N. 22;  Amy V. 20;  Louisa M. 17;  Hilos L. 13;  Alice M. 12;  Willie G. 10;  Robert E. 7;  Sanford W. 5.

Philadelphia County
Alice E. Dalton, hat trimmer, 20, b. MD, parents b. PA; also M. Jenie Dalton, school teacher, b. ME, fa. b. N. BRUNS, CAN, mo. b. NY; enumerated uner David B. Sharp, moulder

James M. Dalton, machinist, 45, b. MD, parents b. IRE; wife Mary J. 45, b. MD, parents b. IRE;  three children b. D. C. - James A. B. 14;  William D. 10;  John B. 7.

Jas. Dalton, machinist, 29, b. MD, parents b. IRE; wife Annie, 29, b. ENG;  sons James 3 and Robert A, b. PA

Wythe County
Black Lick
W. F. Daulton, cab. maker, un, 62, b. MD, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. VA; enumerated under H. W. Richardson, farmer.

Marion Dalton, widow, 29, b. MD, parents b. MD

Vernon County
Evis Dalton, 58, b. MD, fa. b. ENG; wife Lydia, 52, b. OH, fa. b. NJ, mo. b. OH; two sons b. WI - Oscar 24, farmer; Heschel 21, farmer.

1920 CENSUS INDEX    Top

Anne Arundel County

Camp Meade
Carley H. Dalton, W, 25, b. VA
Charles A. Dalton, 18, W, b. Washington
John Dalton, 34, W, b. KY

District 5
Harley D. Delton, 8, W, b. MD

Baltimore County

District 3
Frank W. Dolton, 27,W, b. MD
District 7
Burris Dalton, 23, W, b. MD
Jams Dalton, W, b. MD
District 8
Lewis F. Dolton, 26, C, b. MD

Baltimore City
Joseph Dalton, 35, C. b. NC
Richard W. Dalton, W, b. TN
Clarence Dulton, 13, W, b. MD
Walter Dalton, 41, W, b. NY
John J. Dalton, 42,, W, b. Wash. D. C.

Harry Dalton, 42, C, b. MD
Edward J. Dalton, W, b. MD
Marie A. Dalton, 29, W, b. VA
Edward Delton, 26, W, b. FL
Frances Dalton, 44, C, b. TX

Isabel Dulton, C, 26, b. MA
Fred Dalton, 38, W, b. MI
William Dulton, 40, W, b. ENG
Ann Dalton, W, 45, b. VA
Bessie Dalton, 27, C, b. NC
Christianna Dolton, 65, W, b. MD
Bess E. Dalton, W, 25, b. SC

Dorchester County

Gertie Dalton, 30, C, b. MD

Harford County
Aberdeen Proving Ground
John G. Dalton, W,42, b. PA
Katherine Dalton, 41, W, b. MD
Bel Air
Acher Daulton, W, 21, b. MD
John T. Dalton, 58, W, b. MD
William J. Dalton, 56, W, b. MD

Montgomery County

Alfred S. Dalton, 48, W, b. ENG


Section I  Daltons whose SS# was issued in Maryland whose last residence was in Maryland.

Organized by County and last place of residence.

Anne Arundel County

Nancy S. Dalton, 25 Mat 1925-2 Apr 1998

Elizabeth A. Dalton, 2 Oct 1940-26 Mar 2002

Glen Burnie
Venida E. Dalton, 3 Jan 1932-16 Nov 1995

Baltimore County

Harvey A. Dalton, 10 Apr 1906-19 Apr 1988
Lida J. Dalton, 24 May 1904-17 Mar 2001
Stella Dalton, 9 Feb 1915-29 Apr 1998

Baltimore City
Andrew Dalton, 16 Jan 1911-Dec 1983
Annie Dalton, 4 Mar 1880-Apr 1978
Catherine M. Dalton, 7 Aug 1895-20 Apr 1988
Cecelia Dalton, 30 Aug 1904-Nov 1976
Charles Dalton, 2 Mar 1955-8 Oct 2002
Charles B. Dalton, 1 Jul 1929 - Feb 1995
Charles P. Dalton, 29 Sep 1907- Mar 1993
Helen Dalton, 31 Aug 1898-May 1985
Irene N. Dalton, 31 Mar 1918-22 Feb 1991
John Dalton, 6 Jan 1896-Mar 1967
Joseph F. Dalton, 5 Nov 1913-15 Oct 2002
Leonora Dalton, 1 Feb 1906-Jan 1968
Lillie Dalton, 24 Mar 1910-15 Dec 1995
Mary Dalton, 21 Oct 1901-Jan 1979
Nancy L. Dalton, 8 Aug 1947- Aug 1998
Nellie Dalton, 7 Jul 1903-Jan 1981
Oscar Dalton, 17 Jun 1917-15 Mar 1996

Mary C. Dalton, 5 Sep 1858-15 Jul 1999

Glen Arm
Joseph R. Dalton, 17 May 1926-18 May 1988
Mary Dalton, 8 Dec 1904-Aug 1984
Raymond Dalton, 18 Oct 1899-Feb 1983

Mabel A. Dalton, 21 Jul 1922-1 Oct 1996

Middle River
James M. Dalton, 3 Aug 1925-28 May 1997

Owings Mills
Ethel Dalton, 11 Dec 1899-Jun 1983

Benjamin Dalton, 20 Jul 1924-May 1981

Carroll County

Arthur R. Dalton, 20 Aug 1926-!8 Jan 1997
Dessie M. Dalton, 18 Feb 1908-15 Dec 1987
Fanny Dalton, 6 May 1896-Apr 1973
James Dalton, 25 Apr 1895-Oct 1970

Cecil County

Rising Sun
George U. Dalton, 16 May 1912-12 Jul 2000
Oma Dalton, 19 Jul 1891-Oct 1973

Harford County

Myrtle M. Dalton, 3 Dec 1919-1 Jul 2002

Bel Air
James Dalton, 16 Aug 1937-Jul 1983

Catherine W. Dalton, 9 Aug 1901-18 Dec 1987
Gladys Dalton, 13 Dec 1905-Oct 1978

Forest Hill
Charles Dalton, 17 May 1895-Oct 1972
Ethel Dalton, 30 Aug 1899-Jul 1974

Marie E. Dalton, 7 Dec 1913-23 Dec 1989

White Hall
James Dalton, 6 Mar 1901- Apr 1968
Margaret Dalton, 27 Apr 1905-Dec 1975

Montgomery County

Mark H. Dalton, 15 Dec 1983-Aug 1993

Silver Spring
Mary F. Dalton, 3 Apr 1880-15 Apr 1973

Prince Georges County

Daisy Dalton, 20 Sep 1893-Dec 1975
Dorothy S. Dalton, 17 Jan 1909-15 May 1989
Edward Dalton, 18 Mar 1893-Oct 1976

Saint  Marys County

Saint Inigoes
John F. Dalton, 18 Nov 1944-9 Apr 2002

Worcester County

William Dalton, 10 Jun 1901-Jul 1984

Section II  Last residence was not specified but often it will be in the state of MD.

Alan B. Dalton, 13 Oct 1949-21 Jan 1991
Anna M. Dalton, 5 Apr 1909-Feb 1992
Carl F. Dalton, 7 Nov 1942-11 Feb 1996
Catherine S. Dalton, 26 Mar 1908- 1 Nov 1991
Charles Dalton, 4 Jun 1922-Jul 1986
Ella Dalton Dec ? - May 1964
Eugene Dalton, 28 Jul 1910-Nov 1957
Gladys R. Dalton, 13 Jun 1904-8 Apr 1992
Ida Dalton, 30 Jan 1889-Aug 1975, MD 21112
John Dalton, 20 Mar 1896-May 1959
John Dalton, 25 Mar 1909-Sep 1971
John Dalton, 21 May 1923-May 1979
John M. Dalton, 8 Jul 1958-1 May 1999
Joseph D. Dalton, 28 Oct 1951-5 Jul 1987 (VA)
Louise D. Dalton, 18 Nov 1902-May 1991
Mabel Dalton, 17 Mar 1927-Aug 1980
Mary Dalton, 25 Jun 1915-Jan 1978
Mildred Dolton, 18 Feb 1886-Dec 1981, MD 20034
Mildred C. Dalton, 20 Dec 1920-9 Aug 2002
Mildred I Dalton, 27 Jan 1903-Dec 1990
P. F. Dolton, 25 Jul 1959-Jan 1988
Paul Dalton, 2 Dec 1959-Jul 1978
Pearl C. Dalton, 3 Jul 1929-Jan 1992
Phyllis S. Dalton, 28 Jul 1938-18 Dec 2001
R. L. Dalton, 1 May 1904- Sep 1973
William L. Dalton, 14 Feb 1926- 22 Feb 1995

Long time Railroad workers

Arthur Dalton, 7 Oct 1903-Jun 1895, last res. Carroll CO., Westminster
Donald Dalton, 25 Aug 1906-Jun 1984, Montgomery Co., Chevy Chase

Section III   Daltons whose SS# was issued out of state and whose last residence was in Maryland.

Organized by state of issue and the name and dates are followed by the last residence in Maryland.

Jean E. Dalton, 2 Feb 1927-13 Oct 2002, Baltimore City, Baltimore
Russell Dalton, 2 Apr 1913-Dec 1985, Washington Co., Hagerstown

Dorothy F. Dalton, 10 May 1920-18 Jan 2002, Cecil Co., Elkton

Joe Dalton, 7 Nov 1887-Nov 1982, Prince Georges Co., Bowie

John R. Dalton, 28 Sep 1904- 23 Apr 1994, Montgomery Co., Silver Spring

New Hampshire
Herbert F. Dolton, 7 Jan 1917-11 Mar ?, Baltimore Co., Nottingham

Catherine Dalton, 11 Nov1990-14 Jun 1995, Prince Georges Co., Clinton
Margaret Dalton, 3 Apr 1907-Jun 1985, Prince Georges Co., Upper Marlboro

Olive Dalton, 10 Oct 1900-Feb 1978, Prince Georges Co., Brentwood

New Jersey
Joseph M. Dalton, 24 Nov 1925-4 Oct 1996, Montgomery Co., Potomac
Minnie Dalton, 4 Nov 1888-Jul 1974, Howard Do., Ellicott City

New York
Charles Dalton, 26 Jul 1902-Aug 1982, Prince Georges Co., Bowie
Donald F. Dalton, 5 Sep 1924-20 Mar 1999, Howard Co., Ellicott City
Gerald F. Dalton, 12 Dec 1915-1 Sep 1999, Anne Arundel Co., Riva
James M. Dalton, 7 Apr 1912-25 May 1996, Prince Georges Co., Laure.
Mary S. Dalton, 5 Feb 1920- Feb 1982, Harford Co., Darlington
Mavis S. Dalton, 7 May 1909-15 Jul 2002, Washington Co., Boonsboro
Robert Dalton, 16 Jul 1903-Oct 1981, Montgomery Co., Silver Spring
Violet E. Dalton, 28 Feb 1906-Feb 1993, Baltimore Co., Baltimore City
William Dalton, 17 Dec 1886-Jun 1978, Howard Co., Ellicott City
William F. Dalton, 12 Dec 1915-11 Mar 2001, Montgomery co., Silver Spring

Mary C. Dalton, 10 May 1930-29 Apr 2002, Cecil Co., North East
Muriel Dalton, 11 Dec 1900-31 Oct 1990, Harford Co., Edgewood
Walter Dalton, 17 Apr 1907-Jul 1971, Saint Marys Co., Hollywood

Alice Dalton, 3 Oct 1925- Dec 1985, Charles Co., Waldorf
Reba J. Dalton, 4 Oct 1931-2 Aug 1997, Prince Georges Co., Laurel.

William E. Dalton, 10 Jan 1920-23 Dec 1994, Calvert Co, Lusby

Beatrice M. Dalton, 8 Nov 1907-21 Jan 1993, Anne Arundel Co., Glen Burnie
Bill Dalton, 13 Jun 1931-2 Feb 1998, Harford Co., Street
Friel Daltom, 26 Dec 1918-Mar 1986, Baltimore city, Baltimore
Gene Dalton, 18 Aug 1928-Jul1978, Harford Co., Aberdeen
Hazel L. Dalton, 11 Apr 1915-27 Aug 1998, Harford Co., Edgewood
Hender A. Dalton, 3 Dec 1904-2 Jan 1989, Prince Georges Co., Hyattsville
James R. Dalton, 4 May 1919-15 Aug 1992, Harford Co., Aberdeen
Johnny C. Dalton, 22 Oct 1947-27 Jan 1995, Prince Georges, Aquasco
Joseph Dalton, 13 Feb 1903-Feb 1972, Baltimore City, Baltimore
Lewis Dalton, 31 May 1919-16 Sep 1993, Cecil Co., Elkton
Marion W. Dalton, 14 Aug 1926-28 Jan 1997, Harford Co., Edgewood
Mellie Dalton, 1 Oct 1893-Sep 1986, Frederick Co., Frederick
Mildred Dalton, 10 Apr 1915-21 Oct 1999, Prince Georges Co., Accokeek
Robert E. Dalton, 10 Jan 1925-1 Dec 1999, Montgomery Co., Bethesda
Samuel Dalton, 22 May 1902-Jan 1986, Baltimore Co., Gwynn Oak
Wesley Dalton, 3 Apr 1922-Aug 1987, Baltimore Co., Towson

West Virginia
John W. Dalton, 11 Feb 1897-6 May 1989, Pronce Georges County, Hyattsville
Lillian A. Dalton, 15 Jun 1934-30 Aug 1998, Baltimore City, Baltimore
Margare L. Dalton, 31, Dec 1917-2 Dec 2000, Montgomery County, Gaithersburg
Russell L. Dalton, 25 Apr 1911-Sep 1985, Harford Co., Whiteford
William Dalton, 20 Apr 1911-Sep 1985, Harford Bo., Whiteford

Washington, District of Columbia
Albert Dalton, 13 Aug 1912-Dec 1985, Prince Georges Co., Laurel
Arthur L. Dalton, 10 Apr 1918-8 Feb 2000, Worcester Co., Ocean City
Blanhce Dalton, 12 Oct 1905-Apr 1980, Montgomery Co., Potomac
Charlie E. Dalton, 24 Nov 1919-1 Oct 1999, Prince Georges Co., Riverdale
Dorothy Dalton, 11 Aug 1907-19 Apr 1908, MOntgoery Co., Rockville
Edna Dalton, 7 Oct 1912-Dec 1982, Prince Georges Co., Hyattsville
Ellen O. Dalton, 17 Feb 1908-Mar 1990, Prince Georges Co., Laurel
Irene M. Dalton, 23 Sug 1907- 4 Nov 1988, Montgomery Co., Chevy Chase
Jacqueline Dalton, 17 Sep 1830-18 Feb 2003, Howard Co., Columbia
James F. Dalton, 31 Jul 1912-5 Nov 1987, Montgomery Co., Silver Spring
James F. Dalton, 5 Dec 1915- 20 Dec 1993, Montgomery Co., Silver Spring
Luke S. Dalton, 20 Jul 1924-29 Dec 1998, Prince Georges Co., Oxon Hill
Marie Dalton, 21 Oct 1924-Aug 1983, Prince Georges Co., Capitol Heights
Martha Dalton, 7 Dec 1923-10 Jun 1995, Prince Georges Co., Hyattsville
Miles Dalton, 17 Jan 1897-Oct 1984, Montgomery Co., Rockville
Patrick Dalton, 17 Mar 1904-Jun 1973, Prince Georges Co., Greenbelt
Rita Dalton, 4 May 1922-13 Jan 2003, Worcester Co., Ocean City

Section IV   Daltons whose SS# was issued in Maryland and whose last residence was out of state.

Organized by state of last residence.

Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz
Shirley Dalton, 20 Jan 1894-Sep 1976

Escambia County, Gonzalez
Henry L. Dalton, 21 Jan 1913-10 Jul 2000

Marion County, Ocala
Cephas H. Dalton, 19 Jun1928- Sep 1999

Osceola County, Kissimmee
Robert D. Dalton, 1 Jul 1929-24 Jul 1997

Pasco County, Port Richey
James D. Dalton, 11 Jan 1935-Dec 1999

Banks County, Baldwin
Stella Dalton, 9 Feb 1915-Apr 1998

Richmond County, Augusta
Peggy Dalton, 7 Jan 1923-28 Jul 1996

Cook County, Des Plaines
Robert M. Dalton, 30 Aug 1925-12 Aug 2001

Christian County
Wesley Dalton, 5 Oct 1896-Apr 1974

Prospect Harbor
Dorothy B. Dalton, 12 Apr 1914- 27 Oct 2002

Hampshire County, Chesterfield
Gertrude R. Dalton, 18 May 1911-12 Mar 2000

Wayne County, Detroit
Norine Dalton, 24 Mar 1885- Apr 1976

Saint Charles County, Saint Charles
Evelyn Dalton, 29 Oct 1896-15 Mar 1989

Dunklin County, Senath
Glen R. Dalton, 12 Mar 1939-4 Aug 2002

Bernalillo County, Albuquerque
Helen K. Dalton, 17 Jan 1912-4 Jul 1999

Nassau County, Hempstead
Anna G. Dalton, 18 Aug 1923-Jan 1995

Inez Dalton, 6 Sep 1905-Apr 1985,

Otho Dalton, 1 May 1909-Sep 1970

Lawrence County
Kitts Hill
Verna L. Dalton, 17 Feb 1924-24 Nov 1993

Josephine County, Grants Pass
Joseph S. Dalton, 9 Oct 1911-24 Apr 1997

Montgomery County, Royersford
Thelma Dalton, 28 Aug 1881-Mar1966

Hamblen County, Whitesburg
Benjamin Dalton, 20 Jul 1924-May 1981

Madison County, Jackson
James Dalton, 30 Apr 1909-Feb 1987

Montgomery County, Clarksville
Bernard Dalton, 1 Jul 1939-Jul1983

Gillespie County, Fredericksburg
Robert Dalton, 28 Feb 1892-Oct 1875

Harris County, Houston
William Dalton, 10 Jun 1901-Jul 1984;  last benefit, Hampshire Co., Chesterfiled, MA

Fairfax County, Springfiled
Martin K. Dalton, 26 Jun 1927-15 Feb 1994

Henry County, Axton
Beatrice Dalton, 17 Feb 1907-Feb 1995

Pittsylvania County, Gretna
Gene R. Dalton, 4 Oct 1946-26 Feb 2003

Shenandoah County, Edinburg
Dolly D. Dalton, 5 Aug 1927-15 Feb 1997


Annie Dalton widow of Michael, 900 McKim
William Dalton, 900 Mc Kim
Bridget Dalton, grocer, 901 Shuter
Charles E. Dalton, box maker, 706 Duncan Ct.
Ellen T. Dalton, widow of Wm., 232 S. Dallas
Theodore E. Dalton, painter, 543 S. Paca
Ulysses Dalton, student, 20 S. Greene
William Dalton, mariner, 211 W. York


This data is from the Maryland State Archives and death certificates for the individuals can be ordered using the identification numbers following the date.

Margaret Dalton, d. 1/25/1876, #08315, CR 48047
Mary Dalton, d. 2/19/1976, #08170, CR 48,047
Mary Dalton, d. 1/6/1877, #14692, CR 48049
Thomas Dalton, 1/21/1880, #37456, CR 48056

United States

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